Thursday, May 13, 2010

Special parents prayer for May 13, 2010 and remember Jake and No Kid Can Resist a Mud Puddle

Special Parent's Prayers, for Thursday May 13, 2010. (Prayer can be recited anytime)

**Please remember that on, Thursday, May 13th, 2010, to recite the 'Parents Prayer' for good and upright children, including future generations.  


We recite this on  the evening before Rosh Hodesh Sivan.  The prayer is available for download at, by clicking 'Special Tefilot' on the left side, or by going to this link: ** ( ATTACHED)


Rosh Hodesh Sivan, is Thursday night / Friday, May 14.


Just an interesting concept for, today, Thursday,, is also the  anniversary of the passing of Chana, the mother of the profit Shemuel. (My grandfather's name)


Chana was the composer of one of the most powerful prayers, specially for those that follow the Sephardic traditions. "Vatitpalel Chana", the opening prayer of the Korbanot, in Shaharit. This beautiful prayer are the words that Chana prayed to the Al-mighty, in order to have a son. Her prayers, were answered and Shemuel, the prophet was born.


Perhaps, this maybe one the reason, that this magnificent prayer is recited in this very auspicious day, on behalf of our most important asset for the future, OUR CHILDREN.


May everyone see great satisfaction, and happiness from their offspring, Amen.

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My Friend Becky's brother died at a young age in Jerusalem, with young children.  Becky asked me to send out this message about a website for her deceased brother to raise funds for his children...details below

 "It's about my Brother who passed Jake. I don't have time now to explain cause I am at work but in a nutshell I know you know many people and I am looking for help in asking for people to join a raffle for my Brother's children, Chaim Josef and Miriam who live in Jerusalem. The website is and explains the details about the project his friend Tzvi is doing in remembrance of him. I beg you when you have time Yehuda to go there and read about Jake and what a beautiful soul he was. Maybe you can e-mail your friends about the site? I am sorry if I am asking to much of you, I know you are busy. This is just so important to me and I am in too much pain to get this off the ground. I will pay you back somehow. I only want to know if you could send an e-mail out like you do to me everyday to all the people you know and share the legacy of my Brother who died. Thank you Yehuda, I would be so grateful to you. You are a kind man and inspire me with your e-mails."

Love Yehuda