Monday, May 10, 2010

New CA earthquake map and Challenges for Growth

Challenges For Growth

The goal of all education, preaching, and instruction is the development of mature individuals who will understand that difficulties in life are Divine-ordained challenges to overcome and opportunities for growth, and not excuses for defeat.

This means when we have a setback, we don't put our head in the sand like an ostrich, but we accept we have a challenge and do what is proper to fix it.

Love Yehuda

Since we look to fix challenges not ignore them, enclosed is a link to show the current fault lines in Southern California.  By knowing the warning signs, we know what to avoid.

California Seismic Map Is Updated to Include Newly Found Fault Lines

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — California geology officials have released an updated seismic map that includes more than 50 new fault lines discovered over the last two decades. The officials hope the map, which had not been updated since 1994, will improve earthquake preparedness and construction decisions.

The map was unveiled Tuesday at the Tech Museum in San Jose as the California Geological Survey celebrated its 150th anniversary. The Geological Survey also presented an updated version of a second map that identifies the makeup of rock and soil.

John G. Parrish, the state geologist, said the maps could help guide decisions about where to build schools and hospitals, and where construction standards need to be higher.

Dr. Parrish said the maps would also lead to the mapping of landslides and tsunami coastal areas. "They can tell you," he said, "what kind of a surface you're building on, and how close you are to a fault."

The newly shown fault lines are among an estimated 15,000 faults in the state.

Dr. Parrish said people living near the new lines should not necessarily panic. Many of the lines, he said, are small and are not expected to generate major earthquakes.

The new maps are more detailed and have interactive digital versions that are linked to Google maps, state officials say.

The seismic map, the fourth to be released by the state, can be seen at