Thursday, June 24, 2010

How many days old are you? and Use Conceit to Drive YOU

Use Conceit To Drive You

The Chazon Ish ( a great Sage) once wrote to a close student who was very humble:

"It would be preferable if you had a bit of conceit. This would help you fight fatigue and laziness. Because you are so humble, you are only using your good inclination. It would be preferable if you would harness the energy of both your good and bad inclinations.

Most people however,  have nothing to worry about --most of us have an oversuply of
 conceit and not enough humbleness.

Love Yehuda

Just what you wanted to hear !!!


Interesting, for all of us who have been around a while.  This is just unbelievable and true.


This will give you a jolt!


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