Monday, June 28, 2010

Shelter during a Tornado and Mistakes Help you Grow

Mistakes Help you Grow

The only way to avoid all mistakes is by not doing anything. But then you won't accomplish anything either.

A popular saying is: "There is no one wiser than a person with experience." Learn from your mistakes. They are an integral part of your becoming an expert at helping yourself and others.

Love Yehuda

You know, I used to think that if I got 
caught out on the road when a tornado hit 
that I'd just crawl into the nearest culvert
A Texas Power & Light crew, putting in 
lines for an addition
 to the Hallettsville 
Airport , found the following in a culvert 
they were using...
See the two (2) pictures below: 

The gator is/was 18' 2" long. 
The rattlesnake roundup totaled 87.
We  thank Texas Power & Light for sharing these pictures. 

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