Monday, November 22, 2010

Perspectives from the Hubble Telescope and we all have Struggles!!

In life we all have are struggles. Some are harder then others, some leave us scared, damaged. Yet we manage to some how pull through, despite the physical or emotional damage, we come out "whole".

I know, it seems to be a contradiction. Damaged but whole? How can this be. In the bible section this week', our forefather Jacob shows us how this can be.

"And when he saw that he did not prevail against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh (32:26)"

Jacob's struggle with Esau's angel represents the physical suffering of (exile). When the angel of Esau injured Jacob's hip-joint, he injured his righteous descendants.

In the words of our Sages, this refers to the cruel tortures inflicted by the Romans in  (1st and 2nd century CE) in their effort to eradicate the faith of Israel.

There were other generations in which the same and worse was done to us. We suffered all this and persevered, as alluded to by the verse, "And Jacob arrived, whole. (33:18)".


Just like Jacob was injured by the angel,  the Jewish people have suffered damage time and again through out history. Each time overcoming and pulling through "whole". This too can be applied to our personal lives, each test, each struggle that does not kill us, but only leaves us injured makes us stronger in our day to day lives. Though we don't always see it at the time we will overcome, we will come through it "whole".

Love Yehuda






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