Friday, December 3, 2010

bear tagging and Joyful for being alive

Joyful For Being Alive

When I suggest that people choose to be joyful in any present moment, some people argue, "If nothing special is happening, how can I just choose to be joyful? It won't be real joy."

People who win a major lottery prize are able to celebrate because they think this prize will give them happiness. Being alive is the ultimate thing to celebrate. As long as you are alive, so many options are open to you.

Developing the ability to choose to be joyful just because you are alive is a skill like any other skill. When you practice enough times, you will experience it on a biochemical and neurological level.

Love Yehuda

A friend from a photo club sent me
this and I thought you would enjoy it. It is funny and cute. 

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