Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WAL*MART in China (gotta see this!) and Free Will and scenes from Jerusalem

Free will allows humans to behave as they will, yet there is a guiding heavenly hand in world affairs visible to those who wish to see it.  A few decades ago two scientists won a Nobel Prize for proving their ability to yet hear the echo of the sounds of the original birth of the universe at the moment of its creation. We all know that human hearing is possible only within a limited range of wave frequencies. Judaism preaches that good deeds, moral behavior, Bible observance and loyalty to traditional Biblical values help expand our hearing ability – and that this enables us to tune into heavenly sound frequencies which were originally blocked to us.

Love Yehuda

More scenes from feeling the energy of Jerusalem, hope you enjoy  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvGEJOim8UU

Wal-Mart in China---VERY DIFFERENT.

We thought our Wal-Marts had it all. You Ain't seen nuttin' yet !!!
Bulk Rice.
Mixed Meat for the choosing.
Orange Juice And Cooking Oil.

Turtles and other stuff.
You guess!
Walmart Brand Spirits
Rib Cages.
Assorted Dried Reptiles.

Beautiful Boxes Of Liquor.
A Large Selection Of Chopsticks.
Ducks on a rack.
Great Value Brand Beef Granules.
 Pig Faces.

Antibacterial Bikini Underwear For Men.

Diet  Water.

Meat  Water.

Specialty  Pickles.

100% Powdered Horse Milk (no ponies!).

Gosh . . . And American Wal-Marts only have crazily dressed people ! ! ! !

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