Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SAFETY? WHAT SAFETY? EMPIRE STATE BUILDING...being built in 1930 and love and Respect for others


Hear your Father, your King, the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe, saying to you:

Love and respect all of My children. Have a deep and profound sense of respect for each person you encounter. The person to whom you are talking is created in My image. By being respectful towards every single person created in My image, you are respecting Me. The greater your respect for Me, the greater your respect for those created in My image.

Love others as yourself. The more you focus on the good qualities of each individual whom you encounter, the greater will be your positive feelings towards that person. With some of My children, doing so will be easy. Do so even when it is difficult.

Identify with other people and you will feel an increased love towards them. Realize that you and others are all souls and have one Creator.

When you experience love towards others, your feeling is reciprocated. Radiating love towards others will make you beloved. Wherever you go, you will be welcome. You will transform strangers into friends. Ultimately, by mastering the ability to love unconditionally, you will be able to transform enemies into friends.

Especially when relating to someone with whom you find it difficult to interact, hear Me telling you, "Right now you are speaking to someone created in the image of your Father. Speak with love and respect."








EMPIRE STATE BUILDING... being built in 1930

No such thing as OSHA back then!  Amazingly, it is believed only 5 people died during the construction and one of them was hit by a truck.








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