Sunday, April 17, 2011

Creatures Found at Seaside After Tsunami and Materialism and Peace of Mind

Materialism And Peace Of Mind

Many people mistakenly think that peace of mind is dependent on external possessions. Rabbi Simcha Zissel cited the following story:

A wise man lived in dire poverty. To save him suffering, the king gave him a large amount of silver and gold.

To the king's amazement, the wise man came the next morning and said: "Here is your gold and silver. Please take it back because I don't want it."

"Why would you return my gift?" the astonished king asked.

"My master," replied the wise man, "my entire life I have always had peace and tranquility. I have never pursued wealth and have always been satisfied with the basic necessities of life. Due to my modest demands I have always had more than what I needed. My mind was free to engage in my studies. But yesterday when I took the silver, my mind started worrying about what I would do with the money. Perhaps I should invest in real estate; perhaps I should begin a commercial venture. My mind was in such turmoil that I was unable to sleep. I found myself so preoccupied with the money that no other thoughts entered my mind. Please take the money back. I had more peace of mind before!"

Today, ask yourself: Is my pursuit of materialism in any way a source of anxiety?

Love Yehuda

Today, as I start my 2011 adventure trip to Israel, I remind myself that we are on this earth for a short time. Spend your time emulating our maker, as what other possible purpose could we be on this earth for? The most likely alternative view to that idea is that we are here to eat McDonald''s hamburgers. In order to enrich our lives, we must feel that we accomplish something for the good in our lives. The enrichment of McDonald's doesn't measure up. I will do my best to keep up my daily journal, remembering there are time differences and I keep one day holidays in Israel.


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