Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mother Nature's colors and cheer for others

Cheers For All

Root for the success of people you know as well as for people you don't know. (That about covers it for the people on our planet.)

Whenever someone is successful in some endeavor, root for him and cheer. If this doesn't come naturally to you, you aren't alone. The first reaction of many people is that this sounds impossible. But I can testify that it is a learnable skill if you practice.

How do you practice? Bill Gates' fortune has increased? Cheer for him. You see the announcement of an engagement, cheer for the happy couple. Someone wins an award for anything: Cheer! Someone wins a lottery: Cheer for the winner. Someone has achieved scholastically, created a new invention, has written another book, composed a new song: Cheer!

"Why should I do this?" you might ask.

"Because it feels great to be joyous and this is one of the best ways to consistently experience joy," is the answer.

From now on be more aware of the choices you will be making throughout your life whenever you hear about someone's success. You can choose to be envious. This choice gives you nothing but pain. Or you can choose to be neutral. With this choice you don't suffer, but you miss out on a lot of life's potential for joy.

 Or you can choose to experience joy because of the joy of others. With this choice, you will have unlimited opportunities to experience joy. A wise choice, isn't it?
Love Yehuda Lave
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