Monday, August 19, 2013

Some Interesting pics...and update your childish understandings

Update Your Understanding
The Sages (Talmud, Yoma 29a) tell us that it is more difficult to understand an idea we already know than one that is new to us. This is because we feel we already understand it and do not concentrate on it as much as we should. Also, we tend to rely on the level of understanding we had when we were younger and less mature. (we teach children an idea in a way that they understand--and then they don't realize they have a childish understanding of the issue)

Today, think about a concept that would enhance your life greatly if internalized and integrated. Reflect on that idea with your present knowledge and life experience as opposed to how you learned it as a child.

lOVE yehuda Lave

Things You Don't See Every  Day...

Waking up, going through our  daily routine, there must be lots of things we don't get to see  outside of our immediate comfort zone. As they say, some things you  just don't get to see every day. Such  as:
These  Flatirons in Colorado

The Leshan  Giant Buddha

The  surprise at Lake Huron

The  ultimate spice rack

Five baby  owls comforted by a stuffed  toy

A 6,000  year old kiss

Flamingos  in the Miami Metrozoo bathroom (before  Hurricane Andrew).

What it  looks like diving near Easter  Island

Winter in  Krakow (Poland)

This  perfect rainbow in Wilford Sound, New  Zealand

This huge  Malachite

The  Bay of  Kotor

When  brushing your cat gives you a whole new  cat

A Lynx  couple walking along the  highway

A Blazing  Warehouse that Freezes, Chicago

Giant  Galapagos Tortoises marching in  formation


Space  Shuttle Launch from above

The  amazingly clear water of the  Maldives



  remarkable sand sculpture















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