Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Netherlands in May and the blue dot called the Earth

Living Life One Moment at a Time

Your mind and soul can choose to think, speak, and act wisely and meaningfully wherever you are at any given time. You live your entire life one moment at a time. You only need to choose to think one wise thought at a time. You only need to choose to say one positive sentence (or word) at a time. You only need to choose one meaningful action at a time. These all add up.

Love Yehuda Lave

The Blue Dot called the Earth

Rabbi Sprecher on the tragedy in Israel and G-d's favorite colors..Rabbi Sprecher is my teacher and friend

The Netherlands in May

At first glance, it looks like a giant child armed with a box of crayons has been set loose

upon the landscape. Vivid stripes of purple, yellow, red, pink, orange and green make up

  a glorious patchwork. Yet far from being a child's sketchbook, this is, in fact, the northern
Netherlands in the middle of tulip season. The Dutch landscape in May is a kaleidoscope

of color as the tulips burst into life. The bulbs are planted in late October and early November. 
More than three billion tulips are grown each year and two-thirds of the vibrant blooms are exported,
 mostly to the U.S. and Germany .

Their dazzling colors are thanks to the years in the 17th century when tulip mania swept the

globe and the most eye-catching specimens changed hands for a small fortune. But like a

Rainbow, this colorful landscape is a short-lived phenomenon. When the flowers are gone,

the land will be cultivated for a rather more mundane crop of vegetables. The Netherlands

produce more than nine million bulbs a year.

For those who want to see fields of tulips but don't want to go to the Netherlands, a lot of big fields of tulips are also grown  north of Seattle, WA --Conway,  Mount Vernon area if I remember correctly.  They'll be seen from I-5.

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