Friday, October 31, 2014

The religion of peace XXXXXXXX-be careful gory and horrible pictures

All rules have an exception.. Rabbi Pliskin taught me that if you take anything to an extreme it is no longer useful, here is an example:

All Experiences can be Elevating

The Torah attitude toward life is that we should utilize every experience as a tool for elevation. Even when someone acts toward us in a condescending manner, we can view the situation in a positive manner and grow from the experience.

Accepting that you create your emotional pain gives you the motivation to overcome it by changing your attitude toward your situation.

The pictures below prove an exception to the rule. Losing your head is elevating but we only grow metaphysically from suffering.

Love Yehuda Lave

Here is a commentary on the situation about the trouble with the two state "solution"

Subject:  The religion of peace XXXXXXXX


For only the strongest of stomachs.  These are truly gruesome pictures.  They let you know what we are up against. If I caused you pain by sending this, I apologize.



The following photos will shock you.


Apparently these photos were taken with cell phones, as souvenirs.


They were shown on a TV cable channel in Poland. They take a while to come up after you open the email.




The photos are beyond "horrible," 

but the world needs to know what is coming 

unless real action is taken.







This is from Raqqa, Syria







 Chrze¶cijanie σε Raqqa







Execution of 1700 in Sikrit























Al Saer, Syria


 Βάρβαρες εκτελέσεις


















They have young children participate in the killings!




















They blow up Shiite muslim mosques