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Chanukah Candle Lighting at Mamila Shopping center

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Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Just Once

There are many positive and beneficial things that we know we should do, but we may feel that continuing to do them will be too difficult. "How can I keep being this way all the time?" we ask ourselves.

Telling ourselves, "Just once," can help us start. After we do something positive once, we begin to build up momentum; it becomes easier than we had assumed to keep doing the positive action more frequently.

Doing a worthwhile action "just once" doesn't seem so daunting. The next time it comes up, say you'll do it "just once" again. Even if it truly is difficult, since we only have to motivate ourselves "just once," right now, we can build up our level of inspiration and motivation.

Think of something that you would want to do but also consider difficult to repeat. At the next opportunity, start by taking action "just once." If you're having difficulty thinking of something to do "just once," keep thinking until you find an area to apply the power of "Just once.

However here is something you can do seven more times. Today is the First day of Chanukah and there will be seven more nightly lighting's of the Chanukah lights at Mamilla Shopping center each night at 6:15 pm (7:30 on Motzei Shabbat). Music and entertainment and doughnuts each night.

Love Yehuda Lave





Hanukkah Events in Jerusalem Jerusalem Hanukkah Wall

Hanukkah may come at the darkest time of year, but the festival of light is one of the most exciting times of the year to be in Jerusalem.

The city is alive with special decorations, hanukkiahs in the windows, special events for the whole family and lots of sufganiyot (filled doughnuts) at all the bakeries.

Check out some of the best events around the city over Hanukkah, and feel free to read on if you want to get the story behind the holiday.




In honor of the Hanukkah holiday, the Jerusalem Municipality will be organizing dozens of events, performances, shows, festivals and candle-lighting ceremonies throughout the city. 

Hanukkah at the Movies - Cinema City and Yes Planet Family Events


Celebrating Hanukkah at Yes Planet – Fourth Candle 
Tuesday, 27th Kislev 5777 27.12.16 - 15:00 – 18:00
Hop! Israeli childhood 
Alma Zohar in the hit children's show "Wonder"
17:45 Hanukkah Candle Lighting 


Celebrating Chanukah at Cinema City - Sixth Candle
Thursday, 29th Kislev 5777 29.12.16 - 15:00 - 18:00
Performance by singer and actress Adi Biti Power Rhythm - A Hip hop production jointly performed with the children. 
17:45 Hanukkah Candle Lighting
Music*Performances*Theater groups* Living sculptures* and more

Admission is free!

Celebrating Hanukkah with Zappa Jerusalem in the First Station

The Jerusalem Municipality in collaboration with the Zappa Club has organized 2 special holiday performances. In celebration of the Hanukkah holiday, tickets to the festival will be sold at the discounted price of only NIS 40 

Festive Greek Taverna - Wednesday, 28th Kislev 5777 28/12/16

Shlomi Saranga, representative of avant-garde of Greek music in Israel, Sophia Papazoglou and the sensational bouzouki player Manolis Karantinis will perform with the best musicians straight from Greece in a "plate smashing" Greek-Israeli performance
Musical Director: Tomar Katz
Doors open at 19:30; show begins at 20:30


"Tipex" Concert - Thursday, 29th Kislev 5777 29/12/16
Tipex, with its new and enhanced lineup of 9 wonderful stage artists, presents an incredible dance performance featuring its all-time greatest hits.

Doors open at 19:30; show begins at 20:30. 


Tickets for both shows can be ordered from the Zappa box offices *9080

Machane Yehuda Market Hanukkah Fair – Fun for the whole family!
Tuesday-Thursday, 26-28/12/16, 11:00 - 14:00 and 16:30-17:30
Celebrations in the Market with street artists, clowns, jugglers, performances, surprises for the children, concert and candle lighting. 

Admission is free!


Israeli Heritage Hanukkah Celebrations at the Gerard Behar Center

Dreams in the Drawer – Wednesday, 28th Kislev 5777 28/12/16, 17:00
A musical for all the family.

"To praise you is a delight" – Thursday, 29th Kislev 29/12/16, 20:30
An evening of cantorial recitations for Hanukkah performed by Yuval Taieb and Moshe Luk.

Festive Hanukkah Show – Saturday, 2nd Tevet 31/12/16 at 20:30 
Featuring the Raziel family - Yonatan, Rika and Aaron, with Sivan Rahav-Meir

In celebration of the Hanukkah holiday, tickets to the festival will be sold at the discounted price of only NIS 30 Bimot *6226.


Baladi Sovev Mizrrach Festival - 21/12/16 to 26/12/16

Yemenite and Jerusalem piutim, Bukhari performances, Sabbath cantorial recitations, and a main performance celebrating Kurdish heritage. 


The Sovev Mizrach Festival is a unique celebration of eastern culture and creativity. The festival is being produced for the third year in a row under the auspices of the Jerusalem Municipality's Israel Heritage Department. 

Yemenite Performance - Wednesday, 21st Kislev 21/12/16, 20:00
Fanny Kaplan Community Center 20 Morris Fisher Street Pat    

Ben Mush and Aaron Yarimi

Admission is free

Jerusalem Piutim Performance – Thursday, 22nd Kislev 22/12/16, 20:00

The Max and Jenny Weil Hibba Center, 75 Herzog Street
Admission is free

Sabbath Cantorial Recitals – Saturday, 24th Kislev 24/12/16, at 20:00

Edmond Safra Synagogue, Shmuel Yaffe Street Pisgat Ze'ev East
Admission is free

Bukhari Performance – Sunday, 25th Kislev 25/12/16, at 20:00
Gerard Behar, 11 Bezalel Street

Yaakov Didov and his band

Ticket price NIS 30 from Bimot *6226

Kurdish Heritage Performance – Monday, 26th Kislev 5777 26/12/16, 20:00
"Memories from my Father's House" – songs, melodies and dance of the Jews of Kurdista

Performances by: Avner Zakan, Reuven Yamin, Aaron Menachem, Daniel Ezri, Hadassah Yeshurun, Ilana Iliya and under the direction of the actor Zion Ashkenazi and Gila Chachimi.        

Rebecca Crown Hall - Jerusalem Theatre

Tickets: NIS 40 from Bimot *6226 

"Window Showcase" Festival

27-29.12.16, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 19:00-23:00
Bezalel Hakatan, Shmuel Hanagid, Shatz, King George and Hillel Streets

Showcasing the works of guest artists: Performances, sound, stabilizers, video art and dance produced by Hamila of the Hazira Interdisciplinary Arts Center


Miracles and Wonders in Local Neighborhoods – Celebrating Hanukkah in the Community Councils and Centers

Sunday, 25th Kislev 5777, 25.12.16


Katamon Community Council H-J – Fanny Kaplan-Pat – 15:30-18:00

20 Morris Fisher Street, Pat

Special creative workshops for the festival, a giant Hamudi doll, etc. 

"Shayke Balloons" magic show, fire and humor, candle lighting. 

Ganim Community Council – 16:00-19:00 
Sports Hall

"Magic Miracle" show, activities, seminars, inflatable playground attractions, fire show, and other surprises.

Gonnenim Community Council

Emek Refa'im St – German Colony
"Lighting up the Colony" – Candle lighting with influential women, distribution of "Chanukah gelt," and more

Gilo Community Council – 16:30-18:00 
"Fire and light" show, creative workshops, festive candle lighting and more

Monday, 26th Kislev 5777, 26.12.16

Gonnenim Community Council – 16:00-18:30

Special creative workshops for the festival and festive candle lighting
The Ashdod Andalucian Orchestra will perform an experiential family show "Praise Jerusalem" in the Music Center

Morasha Community Council – 16:00-18:00

Sports Field 
Fire juggling show, drummers' band, sports tournament and more.

Gilo Community Administration – 19:30-21:00
Perfornace by the Gilo Orchestra, stories of miracles and humorous anecdotes with Ilana Avisher, candle lighting

Tuesday, 27th Kislev 5777, 27.12.16

Pisgat Ze'ev Community Council – 11:00-14:00

Sports Arena

Hanukkah celebration in Pisgat Ze'ev with the stars of the Hop Channel, games, special creative workshops.
A gift for every child (subject to presentation of a ticket)
Nominal charge of NIS 20

Neve Yaakov Community Council – 12:00-15:00
Special creative workshop for the festival. 

Performance: "Catch the Light"

French Hill Community Council Bezalel Menorah – 16:30-19:00

Special creative workshop for the festival and festive candle lighting. 

Ethnic performance with the Samara Ensemble "Yotzei L'Or"

Beit Hakerem Community Council Bezalel Menorah – 16:00-19:00   
Special creative workshop for the festival and festive candle lighting. 

"Silver" dance performance, creative and activity workshops and other surprises. 


Lev Ha'ir Community Council – 16:00-18:30
Comic workshops and festive candle lighting.

17:30 Performance: "The vial of oil miracle"

Wednesday, 28th Kislev 5777, 28.12.16

Har Homa Community Council – 16:00-19:00

Dinosaur festival, creative workshops, magicians show and lots of surprises. 

Greater Baka Community Council – 16:30-19:00

Sports Auditorium, 29 Yehuda Street
"Superheroes light up Chanukah" – Numerous activities, workshops and performances with the superheroes. 

Pisgat Ze'ev Community Council – 20:00-22:00
Yassou - 
Round table, Greek gala event with the vocalist Aliki

Thursday, 29th Kislev 5777, 29.12.16

Lev Ha'ir Community Council – 10:00-12:00

Creative workshops and jamboree for toddlers. 


Jewish Quarter Community Council – 09:30-12:00

Special creative workshops for the festival 

Performance: "Catch the Light"

Beit Ross Community Council – 10:00-14:00 
"Golden Feather" show by Dream Mobile, inflatable playground attractions, creative workshops and more.

Yovalim Community Council Bezalel Menorah – 16:00-19:00 
Special creative workshops for the festival and festive candle lighting
Pyromania in a light and rhythm show: "Rhythmania," workshops and activities and more surprises. 

Ganim Community Council – 16:00-19:00
"Magic Miracle" show, activities, seminars, inflatable playground attractions, fire show, and other surprises in the Kiryat Menachem Sports Auditorium. 

City Gardens Community Council – 16:00-19:00
Throughout the German Colony

"Lighting up the Colony" – Candle lighting with influential women, distribution of "Chanukah gelt," and more

Gilo Community Council – 16:30-18:00

Community Council 
"Fire and light" show, creative workshops and more

Further details regarding the Neighborhood Community Council events may be found by visiting the Municipality's website at: 


For further details: 

Visit the Yerushalmi website - 
Facebook page: Yerushalmi - Benefits Card for Jerusalem Residents Jerusalem Municipality's application -


2001 -Bette Midler - Oh Hanukah Oh Hanukah

Kahane on the Parsha
Rabbi Meir Kahane- Parshat VaYishlach

"Shall he make of our sister a harlot?"- Genesis 34:31

Some 3,500 years ago, an abomination was done to a Jew in Shechem. Dinah, daughter of Jacob, was raped by Shechem, the son of Chamor. Upon hearing of the obscenity, Dinah's brothers- Shimon and Levi- went into the town and slew every male.

Last month, an abomination was done to a Jew in Shechem. A Jewish soldier was murdered when an Arab dropped a huge rock on his head from a rooftop. Upon hearing of the obscenity, Dinah's brothers- Chief of Staff Dan Shomron and the general in charge of the Central Command, Amram Mitzna- toured the scene of the murder, swore that the Arabs would pay "a high price" (the exact words of Shomron were: "There is no doubt that we will react in this area in a way that will make it not worthwhile for local people to throw stones and the price will be heavy. Every reaction is possible. You will see this in the days to come")- and then proceeded to blow up the upper roof of the building from which the rock was dropped and brick up windows overlooking the alley.

As they did so, Arabs in adjacent buildings whistled and shouted, "Allahu Akhbar, Allah is great," and former Mayor Hafez Touqan said: "This has no deterrent effect whatsoever."

Where is Shimon? Where is Levi? Where is the Jewish knowledge that an abomination against a Jew has been done here and it must be dealt with in the only way that Jew-haters understand? When Jacob heard of the act of Shimon and Levi, protested- not because it was immoral, as so many foolish Jews say- but because of practical concerns: He feared the retribution of the people of the land and told his sons, "You have brought trouble on me to make me odious among the inhabitants of the land...and since I am few in number, they will gather themselves against me and slay me" (Genesis 34:30). No, not a moral argument, for there was nothing immoral about the act of Shimon and Levi. Jacob was simply afraid of the reaction of the gentiles around him.

And the reply of Shimon and Levi resounds throughout the ages: "Shall he make of our sister a harlot?" And Jacob is silent. There is no answer. For his sons are right...
Chillul Hashem! To defile a Jewess and treat her as a harlot! Such a thing CANNOT BE!
And as far as Jacob's fear is concerned, the Ohr HaChaim comments, "If the nations see that one low person ruled over Jacob and did as he pleased, the Jews would not be able to survive among the nations. It is through [the killing of the people of Shechem] that the fear of the Jews will be on the nations and they will tremble before them."

Indeed, the way of Shimon and Levi not only leads to the natural terror of the gentile but also to G-d's approval: "And the terror of G-d was upon the cities that were round about them, and they did not pursue the sons of Jacob" (Genesis 35:5).

The fact is that when G-d commanded the tribes to choose special and distinctive flags that they would fly proudly as they camped and travelled in the desert, "Shimon had a flag whose color was green and had drawn on it the city of Shechem" (Bamidbar Rabba 2:7).
The city of Shechem? This was the flag of Shimon as commanded by G-d? This was what the Almighty wished Shimon to wave on high for all to see? No, hardly a sin, but rather, as in the commentary of the Maharzu on this Midrash: "Because of their bravery and self-sacrifice in Shechem. And even though Levi was with him, Shimon was the older and the main one. And this [flag] is his praise for his zealousness against the abomination of immorality."
Maimonidies explains the actions of Shimon and Levi (Hilchot Melachim 9:14): "The sons of Noah are commanded to uphold laws...and because of this all the people of Shechem were worthy of death since Shechem stole [Dinah] and they saw it and knew of it and did not try him."

The Ramban gives his own reason as follows: "The sons of Jacob wished to avenge themselves on them with an avenging sword since the people of Shechem were wicked and blood for them was like water. And they killed the king and all his servants who were obedient to him."

No, those who dare raise their hand in abomination against Israel, whether through rape of Dinah or murder of a soldier, have raised their hands against the people of G-d, hence against the Almighty Himself. It is a Chillul Hashem that demands vengeance and punishment. Shimon and Levi destroyed the desecrators, and forever did the flag of Shimon eternalize the act.

But there is no Shimon and Levi today.
There is only Shomron and Mitzna and Shamir and Arens- small people, unworthy to carry the flag of sanctification. Their pitiful reaction is worse than nothing. It adds to the humiliation, to the Chillul Hashem. It spits in the grave of the murdered soldier and guarantees that others will follow him.

The casbah where the soldier was murdered should have been razed to the ground and all the inhabitants of the city told that blood is on their heads and to flee before the sword of Shimon and Levi returns. OUT! OUT OF THE LAND! Shall our sister be treated like a harlot? Is the blood of our brother the soldier cheap? We need a Shimon and Levi today. We need a government in Israel that understands that this is precisely its role.
The Jewish Press, 1989

69 Years of Palestine lies by Danny Danon -

In the Hebrew Calendar on the Eve of Hanukkah 99 Years Ago, the British Captured Jerusalem

Posted: 18 Dec 2016 08:39 PM PST

How incredibly fitting: the British army captured Jerusalem on the 24th day of Kislev, in December 1917, on the eve of the Holiday of Lights commemorating the re-establishment of the Jewish Temple. How the Jews of Jerusalem responded can be seen in this flyer distributed on the first anniversary in 1918.

Billy Murray, brothers planning 'Caddyshack' themed bar in Chicago suburbs

The award winning actor and comedic legend Bill Murray is planning to open a Chicago-area sports bar based on one of his most popular films, "Caddyshack."

According to The Daily Herald, Murray and his five brothers have a "verbal agreement" for an 11,000 square foot space inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemon, Ill., just 30 minutes from downtown Chicago.


Rosemont's mayor Brad Stephens told the Herald that the town is still working on securing a written lease and blueprints for the new venue will have to be submitted to town officials before construction can begin.



The golf-themed venue won't be the Murray brothers' first foray into the food and drink business. Murray, along with brothers Ed, a financial executive, Brian, Joel, and John (also actors), opened the Murray Brothers Caddyshack restaurant at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Fla. in 2001.

Murray, a die-hard Cubs fan who was born in Evanston, Ill., starred as the goofy greenskeeper Carl Spackler in 1980's classic comedy "Caddyshack." The movie, penned by Douglas Kenney, Harold Ramis and Brian Doyle-Murray is based on the Murray brothers' various experiences growing up as caddies working on courses in the Chicago suburbs.

Happy Chanakuh and see you tomorrow

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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