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Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Opportunities For Growth

If you have a positive attitude toward events of your life, even though to an outside observer your life might seem full of suffering, you nevertheless will live a happy life. What to others might seem misfortunes, you will view as opportunities for spiritual growth.

Love Yehuda Lave


The Paris peace conference, which is expected to host officials from 72 different countries, is slated to take place on January 15

Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday  (January 12 before the meeting) described the upcoming Middle East peace conference in Paris as a "fraud," insisting that the meeting was an "anti-Israel" summit orchestrated by the Palestinians and sponsored by the French government.

The summit "will further lead to the adoption of anti-Israel positions," Netanyahu charged during a meeting with visiting Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende.

Netanyahu added that the meeting would only harm already fraught prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

"We here in Israel are dealing with huge challenges presented by terrorist forces, which not only seek to destroy Israel, but look to destroy every opportunity for peace."

"There are additional efforts," Netanyahu continued, "that are harming efforts for peace and one of them is the Paris conference."

The Paris peace conference, which is expected to host officials from 72 countries, is slated to take place on January 15.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will also travel to Paris for the international convening organized by the French government, his staff announced on Tuesday.

Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians, however, will be represented at the meeting.

Israel is protesting the Paris summit and has warned its attendees against setting out parameters for a two-state solution.

Brende commented during the meeting that Norway is attending the peace conference, but promised his government would take a fair approach to the issue.

"I look forward to the discussions [in Paris]. We will be there, but we promise to be balanced going into the meeting, and I look forward to discussing furthering the peace process in the future," Brende told the prime minister.

Brende also extended his condolences to the families of those killed in Sunday's terror attack in Jerusalem and to the Israeli government.

Four soldiers were killed, and 17 wounded, when a flatbed truck driven by an Arab terrorist rammed into a group of soldiers adjacent to the Armon Hanatziv promenade in southeastern Jerusalem on January 8.

Rabbi Aaron and Yehuda at Last night's OU concert

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Second Waltz Dimitri Shostakovich

Tour of our modern day heros

Tuesday, January 17.

I have arranged  a day of meeting the " Modern  heroes/pioneers of Jerusalem."
We shall have the rare opportunity to  meet with the special  people who are  raising families in various  parts of our beloved eternal city that have not seen  a Jewish family for (often many) generations.
They are  the ones  bravely shaping the fate of Jerusalem and  writing our history today.
We truly have  great people living among us.
Be inspired!

We will also  have the  honor  to  meet with Rabbi Dov Lior shlita, famous halachic authority and  spiritual  leader of the settlement movement He shall receive us in his home in a very new pioneering undertaking over looking the holy city.

We shall enter the catacombs where the great Assembly sages were buried over two millennia ago.

This will be a day  that very few ever think of experiencing.

We shall leave at 9:00 from the Inbal hotel and return there at 5:00.
Bring lunch.
The cost is 150 shekels.
This covers transportation, entrance fees, meetings and guiding.

Oldies buy Goodies from my friend Yvette

It was mealtime during a flight on El-Al.
"Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked Moishe, seated in front.
"What are my choices?" Moishe asked.
"Yes or no," she replied.
Moishe is driving in Jerusalem. He's late for a meeting, he's looking for a parking place, and can't find one.
In desperation, he turns towards heaven and says: "Lord, if you find me a parking place I promise that I'll eat only kosher, respect the Sabbath and all the holy days."
Miraculously, a place opens up just in front of him.  He turns his face up to heaven and says, "Never mind, I just found one!"
A visitor to Israel attended a recital and concert at the Moscovitz
Auditorium. He was quite impressed with the architecture and the acoustics.
He inquired of the tour guide, "Is this magnificent auditorium named after
Chaim Moscovitz, the famous Talmudic scholar?" "No," replied the guide.
"It is named after Sam Moscovitz, the writer."
"Never heard of him.  What did he write?"
"A big cheque," replied the guide.
A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for her Chanukah cards. She
says to the clerk "May I have 50 Chanukah stamps please."
"What denomination?" says the clerk.
The woman says "Oy vey..., has it come to this?
Okay, give me 6 orthodox, 12 conservative and 32 reform!"

Saul Epstein was taking an oral exam in his English as a Second Language class.
He was asked to spell "cultivate," and he spelled it correctly.  He was then
asked to use the word in a sentence, and, with a big smile, responded:
"Last vinter on a very cold day, I vas vaiting for a bus, but it vas too cultivate, so I took the subvay home."
A wealthy Jewish man buys a fabulous home in Beverly Hills.
He brings in a local workman to decorate the place.
When the job is finished, the homeowner is delighted but realizes that he's
forgotten to put mezuzahs on the doors.  He goes out and buys 50 mezuzahs and asks the decorator to place them on the right hand side of each door except bathrooms and kitchens.
He's really worried that the decorator will chip the paint work or won't put
them up correctly.  However, when he comes back a few hours later, he sees
that the job has been carried out to his entire satisfaction.  He's so
pleased that he gives the decorator a bonus.
As the decorator is walking out of the door he says, "Glad you're happy with
the job. By the way, I took out all the warranties in the little boxes and
left them on the table for you!"

Moishe Goldberg was heading out of the Synagogue one day, and as always
Rabbi Mendel was standing at the door, shaking hands as the congregation departed.
The rabbi grabbed Moishe by the hand, pulled him aside and whispered these
words at him: "You need to join the Army of God!"
Moishe replied: "I'm already in the Army of God, Rabbi."
The rabbi questioned: "How come I don't see you except for the New Year and Yom Kippur?"
Moishe whispered back: "I'm in the secret service."

The video that the U.N. want removed from YouTube

From my friend Shalom Pollock--What is Moral?

The very serious question is indeed what is "moral"?
It is very difficult for us humans to always know the answer in ever situation.

To King Saul, it seemed the moral thing to do to spare the life of the enemy king of Amalek.
Samuel had to do the job and kill the unarmed non threatening, pleading  enemy.
King Ahab in his mercy, spared the king of Aram.

Both acts of "morality" cost us heavily.

How do we know they were wrong?
Not just because of the consequences but because before the action, or non action, our Torah has instructed us what do do in these instances.

The Rambam clearly states that there are no innocent civilians in a war waged by a people against us.

I just heard a report about  "Palestinian"  social media response to the latest truck murders.
Party time and worse. You don't want  to hear what was so widely shared.
They know that they are at war with us and act accordingly, and according to their rules not ours.. For them it is not a "situation" as our leaders often soothingly  describe the period (a very long one indeed).
 We still do not get it.

Indeed the Torah is not the Geneva convention nor is it democracy.
We may not allow even one Jew to be harmed in the name of any of these.

I would suggest that if we look at  our history, it is in times when we felt that we know better than God and His Torah that we got into big trouble as a Nation.

The theological argument may not impress  all people.

I would then say very simply, we must do what ever we can to protect our people, that includes my cousin who was butchered by Arabs who lived among us  and enjoyed our generous hospitality and tolerance. They actually  lived just down the road from where I live. I hear the cry of the muezzin at 4:30 every morning;"Allah hu Akbar!" God is great!

They indeed listen to their god.

I take no comfort, nor does his widow and six small children in the fact that  we follow a "higher morality" despite the non  morality of our murderers and of  their supporters. I do not feel superior, just more vulnerable.

If we are really serious about being safe in our land we have to do what ever it takes with in the bounds of Torah, the source of our people and its survival We must not be slave to man made ever changing, largely ignored set of  morality deciders.

If the killers don't mind being killed them selves, they may care that  their family will suffer. Their families do hate us but cling to us, their best choice for a good life in the Mid East, and dread being expelled to an Arab land. Send them out.

If the killers are  terrified of  being buried in a pig skin and thus not be allowed to meet their 70 virgins.. lets raise lots of pigs.

What ever it takes to protect my children and grand children from being orphans God forbid.

This is our only responsibility.

See you tomorrow my friends

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

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