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Four More weeks of Succot--we aren't going anywhere! and Was The Founder Of The World Scouting Movement A Nazi Sympathizer? By Saul Jay Singer and Hank Greenberg In 1938 By Irwin Cohen and Jewish Lives Matter But not to BLM, myriad politicians, or the establishment media by Joseph Puder and New York Times Not Sure Whether to Blame Coronavirus on Trump or Jews -- Blames Both and enjoy this fourth day of Chul Amoud Sukkot even with the lockdown

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Four More weeks of Succot--we aren't going anywhere!

The latest from the Post this morning, is that the plan is to extend this useless lockdown two more weeks after the October 14 or 16th extension. So we can now have four weeks  of Succot this year, even there is no proff that the lockdown is effective. Obviously, if we go nowhere and sit in out Succot forever, there will be a drop of spreading the virus, but G-d better send us some Manah to eat, as soon everyone will be out of money and patience.

The Three Musketeers at the Kotel
New York Times Not Sure Whether to Blame Coronavirus on Trump or Jews -- Blames Both

by Daniel Greenfield

(Black Lives Matter march pictured). But the woke are notoriously immune to the virus, which is only spread by Trump supporters and Orthodox Jews.)

Now that we're living in medieval times, we're getting the best medieval reporting on the pandemic. And that means the media blaming it on the people it hates.

Yesterday, I had an investigative piece taking apart a propaganda campaign blaming an outbreak in Maine on a church wedding in a small town.

The wedding at the small church in East Millinocket is also being blamed for deaths at a nursing home in Madison, over 120 miles away, where a nursing assistant who had a sore throat, a cough, and was so sick that she was shaking, went on working for ten hours.

Democrat state officials claim that the virus was passed through a child who was at the wedding, who passed it to a parent, who was not at the wedding, who then passed it to a staffer, who might or might not be this nursing assistant.

Is this the likeliest way for the nursing home residents to have come down with the virus?

There were already nursing home residents infected with the coronavirus at the facility. And members of the staff allegedly moved between the infected patients and the regular residents.

And the home was owned by a former Democrat mayor.

But back in New York City, the New York Times is torn between trying to blame coronavirus on Orthodox Jews or President Trump. So it does both.

N.Y.C. Threatens Orthodox Jewish Areas on Virus, but Trump's Impact Is Seen - New York Times

This manages to be racist and stupid at the same time.

Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered the Police Department and the Sheriff's Office to enforce public health guidelines in several Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn

Swap "Orthodox Jewish" for "Black", "Muslim" or even "Asian", and there would be widespread condemnation. But Democrats and their media would like to continue reminding everyone that antisemitism is fine.

The crackdown is occurring shortly before Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, which begins on Sunday night

Imagine the reaction to a shutdown of mosques in time for Ramadan.

Mr. de Blasio said on Friday on The Brian Lehrer Show that the city had closed four yeshivas over violations of social distancing rules. "This is an indicator of something we'll be fighting for a little while here," he said.

Meanwhile Black Lives Matter rallies/riots with zero social distancing can continue.

After doing the groundwork for blaming Orthodox Jews for the second wave of the virus, the Times shifts to blaming President Trump.

Borough Park and Midwood were islands of support for President Trump during the 2016 election, when the president won 89 percent of the vote in one local precinct.

They voted for Trump.. so clearly they're spreading the virus.

It's awesome that the New York Times manages to combine Trump Derangement Syndrome with medieval antisemitism.


Jewish Lives Matter

But not to BLM, myriad politicians, or the establishment media.

Wed Sep 16, 2020 Joseph Puder

With many in America on bended knee as an expression of solidarity with Black Lives Matter (BLM), it is imperative to point out that Jewish lives matter as well. The mainstream media has, however, ignored BLM racism and antisemitism. While the mainstream media covered extensively the so-called "peaceful protests" stemming from the killing by police of George Floyd, it has ignored, and deliberately obfuscated, the violence, riots, and lootings during the demonstrations initiated by the BLM and the terrorist Antifa organization. Moreover, it overlooked the damage done to Jewish religious institutions and businesses, which carried an antisemitic overtone. The media honed in on Black victimhood, but has looked the other way on the killing of American Jews in Jersey City, Brooklyn, and Monsey late last year, by African Americans. These killings did not result in a national outcry or a mainstream media frenzy.

It is not only Jews that BLM vilifies, it has created a blood libel against Israel - the Jewish state. The BLM manifesto accuses Israel of genocide against the Palestinians. This simply amounts to a Nazi-like libel, not only because it is downright false and unfounded, but it is intended to generate hate and hostility against Jews. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, the most revered civil-rights leader, and the most distinguished African American leader in recent history, admonished an African American student who bad-mouthed Zionism at a Harvard University dinner. Dr. King snapped at him and said, "Don't talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking antisemitism."

The BLM manifesto labels Israel an "apartheid state," and it is calling for the total academic, cultural, and economic boycott of Israel. Much like the BDS movement, it singles out Israel. No such demand is made by BLM against any other state. The Marxist-left, and intersectionality have excluded Jews and Israel in their chart of "victims." Proof of the BLM lie about Israel is the fact that Israel saved tens of thousands of Black Africans from Ethiopia who openly requested to come to Israel by choice, not by force. Who, more than Jews, have suffered for over 2,000 years of persecution, expulsion, inquisition, pogroms, and the Holocaust? And yes, in America, Jews have known discrimination, and unending prejudice. Israel, likewise, has endured Arab boycotts, wars that intended its destruction, and indiscriminate terror by Palestinian-Arabs. In fact, the BLM exclusion of Jews, and deliberately ignoring Jewish suffering is racist in itself. In BLM's worldview, Jews are White people, and therefore "oppressors." Israeli Jews defending their families and their country against their would-be murderers are deemed by the BLM to be "committing genocide against Palestinians."

Jewish lives didn't matter much to America during the Holocaust. While Six Million Jews were being systematically murdered by the Nazi Germans, the Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) administration shut America's doors to Europe's Jews. The U.S. at the time, supported the British 'White Paper Policy' that barred Jews from entering Palestine. Thus, the allies provided a 'green light' for Hitler's Final Solution. During that same period, the mainstream media (especially the New York Times) in the U.S. largely ignored or hid the extent of the Holocaust against the Jews of Europe. Similarly, today, the same media is largely ignoring the victimization of Jews by Blacks, and the racist and antisemitic ranting by the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan. Insofar as the liberal mainstream media is concerned, only Blacks are allowed to claim "victimhood," and Whites are invariably "racist."

Jacob Blake Sr., whose 29-year-old son was shot seven times by the Kenosha, WI, police officer when he resisted arrest, has a history of racist and antisemitic posts on Facebook. A follower of Farrakhan whom he frequently echoes, Blake repeated the canard of "Jewish controlled media." He stated on that the Jewish victims of the antisemitic attack at Pittsburgh's 'Tree of Life' synagogue, were warned ahead of time of the attack. He referred to Whites and Jews as "crackers," and "pink toes," and described White and Jewish women as "Hoes." Blake Sr. is not, however, the only Black to incite anti-Jewish hate. Rapper Ice Cube, TV host Nick Cannon, and Philadelphia Eagle's football player DeSean Jackson, used similar antisemitic and racist messages emanating from their guru, Farrakhan. Still, in order to curry favor with Black voters, Vice President Joe Biden, a contender for the U.S. presidency, graced Blake with a personal visit.

While there are multiple prominent Blacks expressing racist and antisemitic hate, there are also prominent Blacks opposing it. In the early 1990's, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. wrote an op-ed in the New York Times titled Black Demagogues and Pseudo-Scholars, in which he condemned what he termed as 'Rising Black antisemitism.' Basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar wrote (7/14/2020) that,"Recent incidents of antisemitic tweets and posts from sports and entertainment celebrities are a very troubling omen for the future of the BLM movement, but so too is the shocking lack of massive indignation. Given the new woke-fulness in Hollywood and the sports world, we expect more passionate public outrage. What we got was a shrug of meh-rage."

A shortened chronicle of events taking place within a space of weeks illustrates the intolerance and antisemitism displayed by African Americans toward Jews. On December 24, 2019, the New York City Police Department released a video showing a group of Black teenagers assaulting a 23-year old Hasidic Jewish man in Brooklyn. A few days earlier, a 34-year old Black woman named Tiffany Harris attacked three Jewish women in front of their young children in Brooklyn. The 34-year old woman admitted to the police, "Yes, I slapped them. I cursed them. I said F… you Jews." She was released shortly after being arrested. More violent and deadly assaults on Jews took place on December 10, 2019, in a Jersey City Kosher supermarket, where three people were murdered by Black racist antisemites. On the seventh day of Chanukah, 2019, a Black antisemite with a machete cut down and severely injured five Hasidic Jews at a home of a Chabad rabbi, in Monsey, New York. The rabbi, among the injured, subsequently died as a result of his injuries. A month earlier, a young Israeli exchange student was verbally assaulted and threatened on a busy New York subway, and once again, the perpetrator was a Black man. The police stood by doing nothing.

On July 19, 2020, the Santa Barbara News Press reported, "In what is a widely underreported event, protesters from the Black Lives Matter group of Los Angeles purposely met in the oldest Jewish neighborhood in the region to destroy Jewish businesses, schools and synagogues. In all, they managed to loot a large number of stores, three Jewish schools and five synagogues. The next day, locals woke up to scrawled graffitied images reading an obscene message attacking Jews, 'Free Palestine,' and, perhaps scariest of all, "Kill the Jews!"

Hate crimes against Jews by African Americans does not fit the progressive media playbook. For the media and the politicians, African Americans are permanent "victims," and therefore cannot be racist or antisemitic. To the Marxist BLM movement, Jewish Lives don't matter, but what is even more shameful is that it is the same for some politicians and the major media.

Hank Greenberg In 1938

By Irwin Cohen

I'm an avid reader of Jewish weeklies and baseball-related books. If I think a book is worth reading a second time sometime down the road, it ends up on my crowded baseball bookshelf. In the past few years, only about a third of the books I've read have been keepers.

I read one of them just recently: Hank Greenberg in 1938: Hatred and Home Runs in the Shadow of War by Ron Kaplan. Kaplan does an excellent job of chronicling Greenberg's 58 home runs in 1938 amidst the sad rise of Hitler and Nazism.

I met Kaplan about 10 years ago at the New York Yankees fantasy camp. I was brought in as a speaker, and Ron, who worked as sports and features editor for the New Jersey Jewish News, came to cover the campers and former Yankee stars.

Ron grew up in Brooklyn and saw his first major league game with the Prospect Park Jewish Center day campers at Shea Stadium in 1967. He lived in several Jewish neighborhoods – Oceanhill, Brownsville, Crown Heights, and Flatbush – and now lives in New Jersey, where he is working on several projects, including an upcoming baseball book.

The inside jacket of Hank Greenberg in 1938reads: "While Greenberg was battling at the plate, his people overseas were dealing with a completely different battle. Adolf Hitler, who had been chancellor of Germany since 1933, had taken direct control of the country's military in February of '38. He then began his methodic takeover of all neighboring countries, spreading Nazism and entering the early stages of World War II and the Holocaust."

In '38, Hank Greenberg was starting his sixth season as the regular first baseman of the Detroit Tigers. He was coming off a superstar 1937 season in which he batted .337, blasted 40 home runs, and led the league with a hefty 183 runs batted in – to this day the third-highest RBI total in major league history.

Greenberg was the biggest Jewish hero in America at the time, but the Tigers actually had a second Jewish player in 1938. Harry Eisenstat had a new bride and a new home in Detroit. The former Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher married Evelyn Rosenberg and bonded with Greenberg who took the 22-year-old pitcher under his wing and introduced him to Detroit and its Jewish community.

Eisenstat won nine games during the season, including two in one day. Brought in to relieve the starting pitcher in both games of a doubleheader, Eisenstat was credited with the victories as Greenberg hit two home runs in one game and one more in the other.

"Lock yourselves in your rooms tonight, fellas," Tigers manager Mickey Cochrane jokingly told his players after the game. "The Jews of Detroit will be going crazy."

On the other side of the ocean, though, the Jews of Europe were going crazy with fear. After Germany annexed Austria in March, many Jews were beaten, robbed, murdered, or deported. Czechoslovakia was partitioned, and anti-Jewish laws were passed. Many Jews in Germany were starving as non-Jewish stores refused to allow Jews to purchase food. Jewish-owned stores were spray-painted, vandalized, and looted.

Many Jews were frantically trying to get out of Germany. Jews who could leave Germany were only allowed to take 10 Reichsmarks – worth about $4. They were forced to surrender property, savings, and valuable possessions.

Back in American baseball stadiums, Jewish baseball history was made between the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Giants on August 20, 1938, when three Jewish players hit home runs – the only time in baseball history this happened. Catcher Harry Danning homered for the Giants, and outfielder Morrie Arnovich and first baseman Phil Weintraub homered for the Phillies. The Giants won 8-7.

The big bat of Hank Greenberg accounted for nine home runs that August and 12 more in September. However, with five games to go in the season, Greenberg – who had 58 home runs at that point – did not hit anymore, falling two homers shy of the 60 mark Babe Ruth set in 1927.

Was The Founder Of The World Scouting Movement A Nazi Sympathizer?

By Saul Jay Singer

Lieutenant General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (1857-1941) was a British Army officer and Boer War hero best known as the founder and first Chief Scout of the world-wide Scout Movement.

He was the author of Scouting for Boys (1908), the inspiration for the entire Scouting Movement, and several of his books on military reconnaissance and scout training – which were based upon his considerable military experience – were also very popular with young male readers. Along with his sister, Agnes, he was also the founder of the international Girl Scout Movement.


Baden-Powell built scouting out of the ashes of the Boer War and, according to authority Michael Rosenthal, the movement had its roots in "Edwardian military anxieties" and "the deterioration of Britain's manhood." The first demonstration camp, which Baden-Powell held at the Brownsea Island Scout camp (1907), is considered to be the beginning of Scouting.

The first Scout Rally was held at the Crystal Palace in 1909, and the First World Scout Jamboree took place in Olympia in West Kensington in 1920. Baden-Powell is celebrated as the "Chief Scout of the World," and his birthday – February 22 – continues to be celebrated as "Founder's Day" by Scouts worldwide.

In principle, Scouting involves a fine and noble ideal: to make boys physically and mentally strong so that they can "Be Prepared!" (the Scout motto) to make meaningful contributions to society; to instill within them a strong sense of duty to G-d, country, and family; and to promote an optimistic view of life.

It may therefore be shocking to many readers to learn that the founder of Scouting was an imperialist, a monarchist, a brute, a war criminal, a shameless racist concerned about "the moral tone of our race," and an anti-Semite who openly expressed admiration for Mussolini and Hitler and praised them for having "done wonders in resuscitating their people to stand as nations."

Even well before the Nazi era, Baden-Powell had established himself as a war criminal while serving as a cavalryman and army officer in South Africa during the Second Boer War when, during an 1888 operation to track down Zulu rebels, the men under his command murdered at least three men. But it didn't end there.

In 1896, he was accused of executing a prisoner of war, the Matabele Chief Uwini, whom the British believed was responsible for leading a rebellion against their rule. With white settlers being murdered in Matabeleland, Baden-Powell was ordered to capture Uwini and, after promising the chief that his life would be spared if he surrendered, he ordered Uwini's execution by firing squad.

The English colonial civil authorities sought a civil investigation and trial, but Baden-Powell was exonerated by a military court of inquiry, which all but whitewashed the murder.

Baden-Powell manifested his deep-seated racism as early as 1896, when he referred to blacks in The Downfall of Prempeh as manifesting "the stupid inertness of the puzzled negro, duller than that of an ox" and described them as "certainly not men." In defending him(!), his biographer, Tim Jeal, said that the "worst that is normally said about him is that he starved 2,000 black Africans in Mafeking and stole their food to feed the white population."

Notwithstanding the various tortured apologist theories proposed by his defenders, there is little doubt that Baden-Powell was an anti-Semite. For example, in Life's Snags and How to Meet Them, his sketches are classic anti-Semitic caricatures entirely consistent with Nazi depictions of Jews in Der Sturmer.

When criticized for his odious drawings, he responded that he would never "deliberately" draw racial caricatures of Jews or any other race; in other words, his vile drawings were somehow inadvertent. However, the undeniable fact remains that he thought specifically of Jews when imagining people flaunting their wealth in a crude and pretentious manner.

In one of his greatest debacles, Baden-Powell, emphasizing that some of Lenin's colleagues were German Jews, wrote a 1924 article in which he declared that the Russian communists were "under German-Jew direction." Admonished by A. Yellin, chair of the Boy Scouts Association in Jerusalem at the time, he steadfastly refused to communicate with Yellin or to apologize for his defamatory statement, though he did claim that he had "the greatest admiration for the [Jewish] race."

Baden-Powell Kindertransport drawing (not an original). Note Hitler's face on the lead airplane.

Baden-Powell's record on Nazism, however, is muddled. On one hand, his Scouts played a role in resettling Jewish children saved in the Kindertransport during the Holocaust, and each family hosting a child received a card drawn and signed by Baden-Powell in which he thanked the host for "helping to give friendly shelter and assistance to our distressed refugee brother".

In an issue of The Scouter, he wrote of his great blessing in finding "a perfectly excellent Jewish doctor" who was "driven out of Germany and treated me with marketed ability." According to biographer Jeal, Baden-Powell – on two separate occasions – hoped to marry a Jewish woman. Moreover, at a time when Hitler was rising to power in the mid-1930s, he dismissed a British Lady lecturing him on "the Jews' secret plan for ruling the world" as "an eccentric."

Many prominent Jewish leaders supported Scouting, among them Lord Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, whose grandson was a Scout. In a March 5, 1915 note thanking Rothschild for his largesse, Baden-Powell wrote, "We have a very considerable number of Jewish boys in our organisation now, and we hope to be able to do a great deal of good for them in the poorer districts of London, Glasgow (where we have a fine lot of them), and other manufacturing centres."

It is clear that Hitler had no great affection for either Baden-Powell or his movement. He characterized Scouting as a dangerous espionage organization; described it as "a haven for young enemies of the new State"; and banned Scouting, which he saw as a competitor to his all-important Hitler-Jugend, Bund Deutscher Arbeiterjugend ("Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth") in June 1934.

Evidencing extreme national paranoia, the Nazis believed that as a British intelligence officer, Baden-Powell created the Scouts for the sole purpose of facilitating espionage against Britain's enemies and, as such, was a grave threat to the Fatherland.

Early Scouting "Thanks Badge" (not an original).

SS General Walter Schellenberg's 1940 plan for the invasion of Great Britain included a list of almost 3,000 prominent British citizens who would be rounded up. Pursuant to that plan, Baden-Powell's name was listed in the infamous 1940 "Black Book," designating him for detention and "special treatment" after the Nazis' expected defeat of Great Britain.

But there is also considerable evidence that Baden-Powell was a Nazi-sympathizer and an admirer of Hitler. Even very early in Scouting history, "Thanks Badges" and the Scouting "Medal of Merit" badge included a prominent swastika (see exhibit).

In the November 1933 The Scouter, Baden-Powell quoted approvingly from Mein Kampf, describing his source as "a manifesto recently published in Germany." He envied the massive financial resources that Germany was allocating to Nazi youth, and he imagined the benefits of similar government subsidies for his Scouting movement.

Moreover, two entries in his diary are particularly worthy of note. First, writing in his diary about his March 2, 1933 meeting with Mussolini, Baden-Powell described the Italian tyrant with affection as "small, stout, human and genial." He writes that Mussolini told him "about Balilla, and workmen's outdoor recreations which he imposed through moral force (sic)."

Second, in his October 17, 1939 entry, he wrote: "Lay up all day. Read Mein Kampf. A wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health, propaganda, organization etc." He went on to condemn Hitler for not going far enough in carrying out the ideals he expressed in his masterwork, and he conspicuously failed entirely to condemn the anti-Semitism that comprises such an important part of the Fuhrer's magnum opus.

On March 8, 2010, the British Security Service produced newly declassified documents covering the World War II years, including police notes regarding the activities of Hitler Youth members in Britain. Among these documents was a copy of a November 20, 1937 correspondence from Baden-Powell to Joachim von Ribbentrop, then German ambassador to London, thanking him for having received him a day earlier and having arranged to meet key Nazi Hitler Youth officials.

Writing with great apparent affection, Baden-Powell penned, "I sincerely hope that we shall be able in the near future to give expression to it through the youth on both sides, and I will at once consult my headquarters and see what suggestions they can put forward."

Israel Scout stamps/labels.

Another document that came to light is a report that Baden-Powell transmitted to the Scout International Commissioner in which he explains that the leaders of Hitler Youth "are eager to see the Scouts get into closer touch with the German youth movement"; that Ribbentrop "sees in the Scout Movement a very powerful agency" to help bring together the two youths; and that he and Ribbentrop agree that "true peace between the two nations will depend on the youth being brought up on friendly terms together in forgetfulness of past differences."

He added that Ribbentrop invited him to Germany to meet with Hitler, but such a meeting is not known to have occurred.

In response, Baden-Powell defenders note that the swastika was an ancient religious icon in Eurasian culture and a symbol of divinity and spirituality in several Indian faiths, and that his use of the image was wholly unrelated to Nazism; in fact, they argue, when Nazi use of the swastika became more prevalent, the Scouts stopped using it. (However, that may well have been a public relations face-saving attempt, given the developing British and American antipathy to Hitler and Germany.)

Biographer Tim Jeal writes that it was "Baden-Powell's distrust of communism" that led to "his implicit support, through naïveté, of fascism"; that his admiration for Hitler was with respect to his ideas about boys' education; and that he "wanted to introduce the Scout movement into Germany to foster friendship between the two countries."

Other commentators add that notwithstanding Baden-Powell's early positive comments about Hitler and Mussolini, he later criticized them for their promotion of unity through state repression.

Some of Baden-Powell defenders maintain that it was actually Hitler who was influenced by Baden-Powell, not the other way around, and that many of the polices that Hitler advocated in Mein Kampf about training and educating youth were taken from Scouting for Boys. In fact, Mussolini made just such a declaration to Baden-Powell, admitting that he had based his youth movement in Italy upon the Scouts.

Baden-Powell supporters reason that given its emphasis on discipline and the supremacy of the "greater good" and his belief that "every boy ought to learn how to shoot and obey orders," it is hardly surprising that authoritarian governments were drawn to some aspects of Scouting philosophy.

Baden-Powell devotees further assert that his diary entry about Mein Kampf was not intended as an exposition on Hitler's political philosophy and that his failure to comment on anti-Semitism constituted neither approval of anti-Semitism nor support for National Socialism. They argue that, as an international organization, the Scouts had to remain apolitical and maintain neutrality. Thus, for example, in 1937, the World Scout Conference enacted resolution 15/37 (entitled "Patriotism"):

The Conference resolves that the International Committee be requested to do all that it can to ensure that Scouting and Rovering in all countries, while fostering true patriotism, are genuinely kept within the limits of international cooperation and friendship, irrespective of creed and race, as has always been outlined by the Chief Scout [Baden-Powell]. Thus, any steps to the militarization of Scouting or the introduction of political aims, which might cause misunderstanding and thus handicap our work for peace and good will among nations and individuals should be entirely avoided in our programs.

In 1920, British High Commissioner Herbert Samuel tried to establish a joint Jewish-Arab branch of the International Scouting Association in Eretz Yisrael, but the plan failed and Jews (through their scouting organization, the "Tzofim") and Arabs pursued separate paths.

However, the Arab Scout group was admitted into the World Organization while the Jews were left with neither official status nor funding, and when Baden-Powell visited Eretz Yisrael in April 1921, he reviewed Arab Scout troops in Jerusalem and excluded the Jews from all ceremonial events.

Nonetheless, Jews held a Hebrew ceremony in Czechoslovakia in honor of Baden-Powell, most likely during his 1929 visit to the country when he received its most prestigious honor, the Order of the White Lion. Exhibited here are two very rare original photographs of that event, the first of a parade of members of the Scout youth movement holding Jewish flags, and the second showing Baden-Powell in the center of a group of young Jewish Scouts.

In 2008, a statue of Baden-Powell was installed in Poole Quay facing Brownsea Island, where he had founded the Scout movement in 1907. In the contemporary spirit of the day where "offensive" statues are being torn down, a group calling themselves "Topple the Racists" identified Baden-Powell as a target based upon the "atrocities he committed against the Zulus in his military career and [because he was] a Nazi sympathizer."

When the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council announced that it was planning to take down the statue, the Scouts organized to defend it and set up a camp at its base, so the Council decided to relocate it to protect it from violent protests.

Enjoy this fourth day of Chul Amoud Sukkot

See you tomorrow bli neder

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