Friday, November 20, 2009

Re: Motorcycle Heaven

Replace Hate With Love

The Torah (Vayikra 19:17) explicitly states, "Do not hate your brother in your heart."

 Even the simplest person is commanded not to have envy, hatred, and feelings of revenge and a grudge.

 This is such an important and basic obligation that the Jewish people's failure in this regard led directly

 to the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in the year 70.

Is there anyone you hate without a valid reason? Mentally visualize that hate melting away. 

In its place, visualize compassion, empathy. Now mentally bless that person.

 Bless him/her that they should treat you so wonderfully that you are filled with love for that person.

Now try it for it for someone you hate with a valid reason. The truth is that there are very few valid reasons.

Love Yehuda

To: Subject: Fw: Motorcycle Heaven
And just when you thought you have seen everything?

When are Ape Hangers TOO tall?

If this is the Bomb, I'm wondering how the engine is cooled.

This is my kind of bike - portable BBQ.

What do you do with 24 chainsaw motors? That's a lot of pull starting.

This is called 'Dream Big'. Powered by a 502 Chevy V8.

Aren't friends wonderful? Nice.

This is a German bike with a Russian logo on the sidecar.
Maybe that website would explain all this.

Sweet cheeks.

Anybody got a light? That's a Vespa under there somewhere.

Eight cylinders the hard way.

Seven passenger Harley Limo (plus chauffeur.)

Homeless Harley

Cool Harley faucet.

Redneck's last words, 'Hey, watch this.'

Beautiful T
rike from Exile.

Old Rusty.

The Undertaker


Wide tire, narrow

What The F#*k chopper?

Budget sidecar

Uni-motorcycle? I want to see someone ride this.

Something is seriously wrong here.