Thursday, November 12, 2009

Luckiest man on earth and what unemployment does do you

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Not having a job is not only a financial difficulty. Perhaps just as importantly, it is a major emotional and psychological challenge as well. The unemployed feel rejected and of little use to themselves, their families and society generally. Most of the time this is not of their making but they are buffeted by a suddenly unfriendly economic downturn that forces employers to cut back on the number of employees that their businesses can support. Nonetheless the effects of losing a job and being unable to find another one quickly are devastating.


There are many who have highly developed professional skills or years of experience and they are simply unwilling or unable to accept what they consider to be work beneath their social or educational stature. All human egos are fragile and it is psychologically and emotionally difficult for former middle level managers for instance to become janitors or sanitation people if those jobs are in fact available to them.


Perhaps it is the emphasis on higher education and training which is so much a part of the ethos of our current society that prevents people from descending gracefully in rank and importance in order to be employed. In any event it is a difficult situation for those who find themselves to be talented, industrious and efficient in their chosen field of endeavor and yet without work or employment. Unemployment insurance may help to lessen the financial pain but I believe that many people resent having to be on the dole and the charity of others. Life is oftentimes tough, hard and unfair.


It is ironic that much of current unemployment is concentrated in the educated ranks of the upper middle class. 

But the current severe economic downturn has affected even those areas of endeavor  previously thought of as being immune.  

I knew someone who would tell me each week how happy he was that he met that week's payroll and families would be able to survive because of their work. Employment and unemployment are not only economic factors, like dots on a graph. There is a tremendous human profit and loss involved as well. That is what makes the current dire economic and job scene so depressing. There is more than the pure bottom line involved in these matters. Human lives and families should also be considered.

Love Yehuda  while we on the subject of counting our blessings, here is someone that could be considered the luckiest man alive!!

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