Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I have made the big time--A certain car company didn't like the post and The Milky Way

In this new electronic age, a lot of information is thrown at us. I try to give pieces of spirituality each day with either motivation or
pieces from the Torah to inspire us.
 I share pictures and videos that people send me as well to keep people interested in my site and to give them a laugh or inspiration
of beautiful sites.
This week a friend send me a video that look interesting and so I attached it.
It turns out that it was false, and the car company that the video tried to compliment  must screen the web to make sure that their name is protected.
The law firm that protects them sent me a letter, telling me to get the video off my site.
Since it was in error it was the right thing to do anyway. What was ironic was that the video complimented the company for taking a heroic stand against terrorism. Not only was it not true, it certainly appears that the company didn't want to be a hero of any kind.
I took off the video and learned a new lesson!!!
People are listening!!
Love Yehuda

enjoy the Milky Way

A zoomable multi-photographic image of the Milky Way Galaxy: