Sunday, November 8, 2009

Demolition Las Vegas Style!!!, If you don't like a situation, Change it!!

If You Don't Like a Situation, Change it 

There are always two possibilities about any unsatisfying situation: Either you will be able to change it, or you will be able to change your perception of it.

Telling yourself, "There is nothing at all I can do to change this situation, therefore I must feel bad," is not based on reality. How can anyone possibly say: "There is nothing at all I can do to change the situation"? You can always pray, can't you? Your Father, your King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, can change any situation in a moment.

You might find a book or article that gives you ideas that can help you find a solution that you didn't think of before.

You might find a teacher, mentor, coach, or friend who can make suggestions and think of ideas that will enable you to change a situation. The sages teach that when you are ready to learn something, a teacher will come along to help you.

Events might unfold that totally change the situation. The Purim story teaches us that even an impossible situation that spelled total doom can be changed in a single moment.

You might think of a way to reframe the situation so that now you view it differently. What previously seemed like a problem and a difficulty can now be seen as a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop yourself. What was once considered a liability can now be seen as an asset.

You always have a choice of your self-talk. Ask yourself, "What can I think about now that will improve the way I am feeling?"

You can always think, "The more challenging a situation, the more I can grow from it."

The more skilled you are about creating positive self-talk in challenging situations, the easier it will be for you to handle new challenges in the future.

 Love Yehuda
 Now if you want to change a building, instead of a situation, here is how they do it  in Las Vegas. They BLOW IT UP!!!  You have the same opportunity to maintain your composure when faced with a hurtful situation. Reframe it (or blow it up) depending on the situation.

By the way, I stayed in this hotel once.

This is something else....
IMPLOSION, implode, imploding, imploded.
I've seen these before, but not this one.