Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cowboy Bull Hauler and watch your words, they create life--No bull

Watch Your Words: They Create Your Life

The words you speak program and condition your mind. When you speak words of gratitude, you are programming and conditioning

your brain and mind to experience more and more gratitude.

Speaking words of negativity and ingratitude program and condition your brain and mind to experience less and less gratitude and more and more misery.

You create your habits and your habits create you. By speaking words of gratitude regularly, you are developing the habit of speaking words of gratitude.

The more you keep up this habit, the easier it becomes to say even more words of gratitude.

As you continue to speak words of gratitude, thoughts of gratitude are integrated into your mind and you will spontaneously think and speak this way.

Catch yourself whenever what you say is an expression of a lack of gratitude.

Instead of being upset with yourself for still lacking as much gratitude as you would wish, be grateful that you are becoming more aware of your lapses.

This awareness will enable you to be more careful from now on.

It would be a good idea, to resolve that whenever you hear yourself saying something that is ungrateful, you immediately make five statements of gratitude.

Love Yehuda

     Cowboy bull hauler Or Who needs a trailer?


If I'd seen this, I don't think I could drive because I would be laughing too hard.

I notice that this old boy stuck to two lane and gravel roads. For all you yokels, what does  NHD mean? No harm done?

He bought the bull in Kansas and headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Even Ripley might have trouble believing this one.

You Have a Nice Day Now, You Hear?



At's a lot a bull, folks.  Seems rather tame, though not quite housebroken!



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