Sunday, August 15, 2010

Italy land slide.............and profit from Insults

Profit From Insults

Rabbi Yerucham Levovitz said, "When someone insults you, even for selfish reasons, do not automatically disregard what he says. Rather, check yourself to see if there is any aspect of truth, regardless of his intention, and try to learn from it."

For example, if someone says you are "lazy," instead of becoming upset, use this as a motivation to overcome some aspect of laziness you do have. Even though you are usually not lazy, you can still improve.

Love Yehuda

 Italy land slide

Really an amazing sight.....

This is not a"Mud Slide" but a "Land Slide" 
You may have all heard about  the recent landslides in  Italy . But up to now I have never seen one as it was happening. Use the link below and you will see a whole hillside in an Italian residential neighborhood slowly slide away taking grown trees with it..... 


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