Thursday, January 19, 2012

Qubits(R) needs some additional Exposure and you can change the world

Change the World

Reb Yisroel Salanter, founder of what is now the worldwide Mussar (work on yourself) Movement, said,

"When I was younger I wanted to change the
world. When I realized I couldn't do that, I decided to change my city. When I realized I couldn't do that, I decided to change my
family. When I realized I couldn't do that, I decided to change myself."
"Soon after, I changed my family, then my city, then the world."

Love Yehuda

I don't usually bother my friends with commercial appeal, but this time it has a spiritual connection. I have a friend who is trying to make a difference in the world with this construction toy.. He asked me to publicize what he is doing below.

Hi Larry,

I need a boost.  I need people with big mailing lists to help spread the word about our toy.  This is the second version and it is way better than the first.  Bigger, lighter, cheaper to produce, easier to build with - it has it all.  Except it needs money to get off the ground.  If I can just get web traffic to the Kickstarter page then people can get motivated and buy themselves the toy.  Just look at the people I was able to get motivated.

Can you send out the information below to your mailing list at Yehuda?  For my Jewish friends this toy can build Stars of David like nothing else.  See the Kitchen Table illustration.

I don't have much time, but the internet is fast.  Can you help get the word out?


Mark and Lisa

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We are looking for backers to our new toy. Our toy allows kids to build big and fast, in fact our toy is well suited for indoor & outdoor play because of the big easy to handle pieces won't get lost in the yard.   Click Here to See More

Kids and adults love our creative toy.  We are currently 30% funded at Kickstarter and if successful we will become the FIRST plastic injected toy to fund at Kickstarter.  That is our goal.

Please consider including our unique project at your blog. If you have an opt-in mailing list perhaps we you can include this Made in America toy.

Meanwhile pre-order this exciting new toy for yourself via Kickstarter. Every single order counts.

Thank you

Mark and Lisa Burginger
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Project Update #3: Qubits® 2.0 Prototype at 90% completion + New Team Members

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Hi Everyone,

We received the latest design cycle prototype from and it is working perfectly.  We wanted to share them with you.  In the video you can see and hear the Easy Snaps in action. 

 It is going to be such fun to create structures for display or utility uses.  The imagination of children will be challenged by the many ways the two pieces can connect & build. 

This Friday Lisa and I will be teaching/lecturing/playing at a local elementary school. We will be there for four class periods with four different age groups.  We will be playing with the first generation of this toy, but we will show them the prototype at the end of each class period to gauge their response. We have done this for years in Bend Oregon sharing a powerpoint that explains Construction Toys in history, their inspiration and influence on our society.  From Frobel Blocks, thru Lincoln Log to Lego and Qubits®. did you know that Frank Lloyds Wright's son, John Lloyd Wright invented Lincoln Logs? Architects and construction toys have a shared history.

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