Thursday, January 26, 2012

Powerful Video About Being Jewish and a video from a Hamas Founder's son

Serenity Of the Sabbath

When one observes Shabbos with a total sense of serenity, every time one thinks of Shabbos, one will feel more peaceful.

Some Shabbos observers focus on all the work they need to do for Shabbos and feel tense about this. Mentally go beyond the work you need to do. Remember that on Shabbos you will celebrate all that you have, all that exists on our planet, and all that exists in the entire cosmos. This is mind-boggling. Let the joy and serenity of Shabbos permeate your being during your entire stay in this world.

Dear friends,
This is a powerful video about being Jewish and Israel.  I encourage you to watch it, and show it to your children. It is subtitled in Spanish, but in English

Here is video from the son of a Hamas Founder, promoting peace with Israel

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