Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Helicopter Landing. and do it with Joy

Do It With Joy

There are many tasks, jobs, and chores that we will end up
doing whether we really enjoy doing them or not. Many hours of our lives are spent this way. The late Rabbi Chaim Friedlander, of Ponevehz Yeshivah, used to say, "If you are going to do it anyway, do it with joy."

love Yehuda

This guy has guts!!

In this video clip a Lynx Mk.80 of the Royal Danish Navy attempts to land on the offshore patrol vessel Ejnar Mikkelson (P571). This patrol vessel weighs in at 1720 tons, which is relatively light compared to frigates and destroyers, and thus it is quite lively in the rough North Sea waters.   The patrol vessel is of the Knud Rasmussen Class and has been in service with the Danish Navy since 2009.
The Lynx is the export version of the Royal Navy HAS.3 and regularly operates in the harsh conditions of the North Sea… and the pilot, well what can I say about him… one thing is sure, he definitely has Viking blood in his veins.   He takes a while, but when he finally puts her down, note the excellent placement of the helicopter in its designated landing area after touchdown.
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