Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Japan and shrink problems down to size and Kilkenny-Dunmore Underground Cave

Shrink Problems Down to Size

The best way to gain a proper perspective about life is to visit a cemetery.

You might have many problems, but that is part and parcel of being alive. Compared to those buried in the cemetery, just how serious are your difficulties?

Learn to have a sense of proportion to events. If you fail to do so, you might react with equal levels of distress to someone's spilling soup on your clothes as you would to news of the outbreak of global nuclear warfare.

Today, when something bothers you, ask yourself: "On a scale of one to 100 (with 100 applying to nuclear war), what number would I give this situation?"

You'll find with this perspective that many potential mountains will easily shrink to molecules.

Rabbi Nachum of Huradna used to say, "If I had already died and the Almighty told me I could come back to life again, imagine how happy I would be. Now that I am alive, I should feel that same joy!"

Love Yehuda Lave

Our second day of Ireland had three adventures, The Round Catherdal tower, The Kilkenny-Dunmore Cave (attached below) and our time in the Waterford Crystal Factory. Enjoy this short video

Did you Know????


Have you ever read in the newspaper that a political

leader or a prime minister from an Islamic nation

has visited Japan?

Have you ever come across news that the King of

Iran or a Saudi Arabia prince has visited Japan?


Japan, a Country keeping Islam at bay.

Japan has put strict restrictions on Islam and

ALL Muslims.


The reasons are:

a) Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship

to Muslims.

b) In Japan permanent residency is not given to Muslims.

c) There is a strong ban on the propagation of Islam in

Japan .

d) In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic

language is not taught.

e) One cannot import 'Koran' published in Arabic


f) According to data published by Japanese government,

it has given temporary residency to only 2 lakhs

Muslims, who need to follow the Japanese Law

of the Land. These Muslims should speak Japanese

and carry their religious rituals in their homes.

g) Japan is the only country in the world that has a

negligible number of embassies of Islamic countries.

h) Japanese people are not attracted to Islam at all.

i) Muslims residing in Japan are the employees of

foreign companies.

j) Even today visas are not granted to Muslim doctors,

engineers or managers sent by foreign companies.

k) In the majority of companies, it is stated in their

regulations that no Muslims should apply for a job.

l) The Japanese government is of the opinion that

Muslims are fundamentalist and even in the era

of globalization, they are not willing to change

their Muslim laws.

m) Muslims can not even think about getting a rented

house in Japan .

n) If anyone comes to know that his neighbor is a

Muslim then the whole neighbourhood stays alert.

o) No one can start an Islamic cell or Arabic 'Madarsa'

in Japan

p) There is no personal (Sharia) law in Japan .

q) If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim then she is

considered an outcast forever.

r) According to Mr. Komico Yagi (Head of Department,

Tokyo University ) "There is a mind frame in Japan

that Islam is a very narrow minded religion and one

should stay away from it."

s) Freelance journalist Mohammed Juber toured many

Islamic countries after 9/11 including Japan . He found

that the Japanese were confident that extremists could

do no harm in Japan.


Now WE know...







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