Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mathematics ---WOW -- Amazing and purposefulness lightens suffering and Cork Ireland


Halloween is coming tomorrow, even in IRAN

Purposefulness Lightens Suffering

The Talmud states that all suffering is purposeful. When we suffer, we should view it as a message to check our behavior for areas we can improve.

Viewing suffering as meaningless increases one's pain. When you find meaning and purpose in suffering, it becomes much easier to bear. The more meaning you see, the lighter the burden. The worst suffering is when one feels there is no purpose in it.

The basic Bible perspective is that whatever happens to a person is purposeful and ultimately for his good.

Love Yehuda Lave

Our third day takes to Blarney and Cork we we say Ireland's second biggest historic city


So often there is a misunderstanding in life. But, it really comes down to the simplicity of numbers.
Sit back, turn up the sound, relax and watch the dynamics of math and see what it takes to give 101% in life...it really is easy.
This is worth watching and forwarding.
Have a lok at this, pretty amazing........
Beautiful Mathematical Equation
The Beauty of Mathematics.
Click your mouse here:
Mathematics   << CLICK HERE
Please watch to the end only a minute or two.
We can not love GOD and then Blow up one another or kill one another and then claim that act was of GOD!!!!!

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