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secular philosophy and Amazing New Waterfall in Israel Airport

Tone of Voice

A speaker's tone of voice is a key factor that will make a major difference whether he will have a positive effect or not. Matters pertaining to cold logic do not need a special tone of voice. However, when your goal is to arouse elevated spiritual feelings in someone, it is important to speak in a tone of voice that will inspire the appropriate elevated state.

Today, when speaking to someone about a personal matter, be conscious of how your tone of voice can enhance your message

Love Yehuda Lave

Amazing New Waterfall at Israel Airport

Philanthropy is almost the only virtue which is sufficiently appreciated by mankind.

Henry David Thoreau

was an American author, poet, philosopher, freemason, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, historian, and leading transcendentalist.

Charity begins at home but should not end there.

Sir Francis Bacon was an English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist and author.

The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.

Miriam Beard was an historian and archivist.

The deed is everything, the glory naught.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
was a writer, artist, and politician.



Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.
Helen Keller
was an author, political activist, and lecturer.


If you think of life as like a big pie, you can try to hold the whole pie and kill yourself trying to keep it, or you can slice it up and give some to the people around you, and you still have plenty left for yourself.
Jay Leno  is an American stand-up comedian and television host.


An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.. Help yourself by helping others. You have the most powerful weapons on earth.. love and prayer.
John Templeton was an stock investor, businessman and philanthropist.


You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
Zig Ziglar is an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker.


We must not merely will our neighbors good but actually work to bring it about.

Thomas Aquinas    was a philosopher and theologian.


He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.  Confucius was a teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher.

It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.

Albert Einstein is regarded as the father of modern physics.


If you haven't got charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.

Bob Hope was a comedian and actor.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill  Was a noted statesman and orator.


No one has ever become poor by giving.

Anne Frank was one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Her diary has been the basis for several plays and films.


It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than to watch it accumulate.

Gloria Steinem

is an American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist.


The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.

William James  was a psychologist and philosopher.

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