Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fwd: Yehuda does stand up and For photo buffs, Including some, truly, phenomenal shots!!!

Feel Spiritual Pleasures

A person can easily feel the pleasure of giving into negative desires. When a person finds it difficult to overcome his desires, it is because he lacks an equal feeling of pleasure in spiritual matters.

So to overcome negative desires, we need to feel the pleasure of Torah study as a balance. That's why the prayer recited daily for the mitzvah of Torah study asks to feel the sweetness of Torah study.

Love Yehuda Lave

Yehuda does a little stand up comedy at our annual comedy night

Busiest Train ... ever

The Blue Lagoon , Ecuador

Meanwhile in Chicago …

Best Sidecar ... ever

The U.S. – Mexico Border

Awww Yeah Flowers!

Rago National Park, Norway


Incredible Water Bridge in Germany

Epic Aerial of Barcelona , Spain

The Sky Walker

' Crystal ' Ice Cave in Skaftafell , Iceland

Festival of Lanterns in Chiang Mai , Thailand

Fields of Lavender in Provence , France

Yarn Bombing in Germany

The Runaway Tree

70 Lightning Strikes in One Shot

The Craziest Illusion in Paris

Ladybird Lands with Style

The Edge of Earth – Bunda Cliffs of Australia


Instant Acrophobia

Livin'g on the Edge

The Stunning Glass winged Butterfly

Lightning Show at the Grand Canyon

The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve in Texas

Sunset on Mars

Cloud City Dubai

Autumn in the Adirondacks

European Beech Trees of Mariemont, Belgium

The Inhabited Volcanic Island of Aogashima

The Great Grey Owl

The Cloud Covered Island of Litla Dimun

The Miniature Northern Saw-whet Owl

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