Friday, January 18, 2013

The old city of Jerusalem and Even if you're not into aviation, these are pretty awesome pictures!

The Mirror's Feedback

Mirrors give you feedback. When you look at your facial expression in a mirror, you have more data to answer the question, "Do I look like I am joyful or enthusiastic right now?"

If the answer is, "Yes," terrific. If not, don't answer, "No." Rather, reply to yourself, "Not yet." This gives your brain a message, that eventually you will be more enthusiastic than you are now.

Enthusiastically wave to yourself in a mirror. Even if you didn't feel enthusiastic before you started, the feedback you get will bring a real smile to your face if you allow it to.

"But I don't have anything to be enthusiastic about," some people argue.

You can always be enthusiastic that you are alive, that you are breathing, that you can see. As you wave to yourself in a mirror, be enthusiastic that your brain is creating the chemicals that naturally make you feel good.

Regularly practicing waving enthusiastically is a simple tool that will be powerfully effective. If you are serious about becoming more enthusiastic, you will make this a habit until you will no longer need to make an effort to see the enthusiastic look when you see yourself in a mirror.
Love Yehuda Lave
Copy this link for a video on the old City of Jerusalem where I spent several years.!%2C+Lighting+the+Chanukah+Menorah+with+a+Robot+and+So+Much+More+in+the+Technion%2C+Israel%2C+Jerusalem%3A+13+Indisputable+Facts%2C+What+is+E-1+and+More&utm_campaign=20121206_m114472710_12%2F6+12Tribe+Films%3A+Video+of+Jerusalem+in+1896!%2C+Jerusalem%3A+13+Indisputable+Facts%2C+What+is+E-1%2C++Lighting+the+Chanukah+Menorah+with+a+Robot+and+So+Much+More+in+the+Technion%2C+Israel+and+More&utm_term=The+Ancient+City+Of+Jerusalem

Even if you're not into aviation, these are pretty awesome pictures!



    Below   CONTRAIL -  747 "

    Below ,  747 past a half Moon ! !

  Below ,  757 against a full Moon ! !

Below  757 at Gatwick with wake vortex ! !

    Below a 757 showing wing vortex on clouds ! !

Below , a 767 wing vortex on clouds ! !

 Below , the 787 Dreamliner

  Below A7'S TUCSON AFB - -

Below A 340 rainbow contrail

EMIRATES 1.5 billion dollar A 380 - since wrecked ! !

Below - A 330 landing 
 with  dramatic sky ! !

Russian Antonov 225 on ground - - largest plane in world ! !

Camera at FL 340 , 747 at FL 350 , and B777 at FL 380 ! !

 CONCORDE 101, last official flight ! !

Concorde 101 parked - - nose down !  Look at strtch marks on skin ! !


Below , F 15C , fastest takeoff ever measured ! !

Below , F 15E Strike Eagle -
Wales - -

F 111C AARDVARK Sump , and burnout ! !

Below FA 18 going SONIC ! !

Below FL 330, FL 340-very dramatic-going opposite and 1000' separation !

Below: Sukhoi SU-27's in close and tight - not tricked ! !

That's all, Folks... !!!!!!!!      WOW! !





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