Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Duchess Kate Had a Boy, Call the Mohel and Japenese Tow Trucks

The Two Skills of Happiness

Happiness is a skill that can be learned. To acquire this skill, it is necessary to master two basic skills:
1) The ability to focus on happiness-producing thoughts, as opposed to those which cause unhappiness.
2) The ability to evaluate events and situations as positive instead of negative. (Or at least to lower the degree of negativity - i.e. rather than considering some discomfort as a tragedy, evaluating it as minor.)
Love Yehuda Lave

Duchess Kate Had a Boy, Call the Mohel

Published: July 22nd, 2013
Duchess Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy on Monday. The baby weighed in at 8 lb. 6oz.
No word yet if the local Rabbi will be called in to perform a circumcision.
It's been the tradition of the British Royal Family for the past 150 years to circumcise their boys, though rumor has it that Princess Diana broke that tradition with William and Harry.

.look on Google for Japanese tow trucks. got a good movie there

                            Japanese Tow Trucks 

      If I hadn't seen these pictures, I would not have believed it !!! 

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