Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Milton Freedman explains to Phil Donahue why Greed is Good and Choose your response

Choose Your Response to Insults

The power of anyone else to cause you distress with an insult is the power you give that person. Don't empower anyone to cause you pain. You are too valuable and precious to relinquish your power to someone who is committing the crime of trying to verbally harm another human being which happens to be you.
Words are harmless in themselves even though they can be powerful. It is you the receiver of those words who is the ultimate decider of whether or not someone's insensitive words will be distressful.
When suffering from insults, the reaction is so swift and automatic that many people consider themselves helpless to prevent their suffering. But it is your personal interpretation of what is said that creates your reaction. Regardless of how you have reacted in the past, right now you can create new reactions. The ultimate reaction is to enjoy transcending insults.
Develop a spiritual awareness that if the Almighty is sending you an experience it is for your growth and development. If someone says something insulting to you, learn from it to be more careful not to cause anyone else pain with words. Learn from it to spread the consciousness that it is wrong to use one's power of speech to cause suffering to others

Love yehuda lave
Yesterday, Tisha B'Av at the wall in Jerusalem

Photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

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