Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When Graphic Artists get bored... So cool and Lateral thinking

Your Enthusiasm Seminar For A Day

One way to increase your level of enthusiasm is to view an entire day as an enthusiasm seminar. At this seminar you are going to speak and act with enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm will be real. But even though you might not view yourself as an enthusiastic person, during this day's seminar you can be enthusiastic.

At growth and development seminars those attending are willing to try out exercises that stretch their capabilities. At your enthusiasm seminar, view the entire day as part of your doing exercises that will increase your enthusiasm. When you wake up in the morning, as part of your seminar be enthusiastic about being alive and having the entire day as a gift.

When you speak to other people, speak with enthusiasm just for today as part of your enthusiasm seminar.

When you pray and study, pray and study with enthusiasm just for today as part of your enthusiasm seminar.

When you walk, walk with enthusiasm just for today as part of your enthusiasm seminar.

Since you are only focusing on doing this for just today, you won't have to be concerned about keeping this up. You only need to attend this enthusiasm seminar today. Of course, you might find this so beneficial and enjoyable that you will want to have another enthusiasm seminar tomorrow.

Love Yehuda Lave

This puzzle is called Lateral Thinking ..

Scroll down slowly and be honest with yourself. 

1. ------------

Ans. = man overboard

Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it. 

2. ------------

Ans. = I understand

OK .

Got the drift ?

Let's try a few now and see 
how you fare ?

3. /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/

Ans. = reading between the lines

      r      road       a       d

Ans. = cross road

Not having a good day now, are you ?

Redeem yourself.

5. cycle
    cycle     cycle

Ans. = tricycle

Not easy to figure out ha!

6. ------------
       M.D.        Ph.D.

Ans. = two degrees below zero

C'mon give it a little thought ! !

7. knee

Ans. = neon light

( knee - on - light )

U can prove u r smart by getting this one.

feet feet feet feet feet feet

Ans. = six feet underground

Oh no, not again ! !

9. he's X himself

Ans. = he's by himself

Now you're messing up big time.

10. ecnalg

Ans. = backward glance

Not even close ! !

11. death ....... life

Ans. = life after death

Okay last chance ...................


Ans. = think big ! !

And the last one is real fundoo - - -

13. abababababababababababababababababababab...


Ans. = long time no 'C'

  When graphic artists get bored... 



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