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Music at your fingertips hits songs from prior years and a real oldie-2700 year old pottery from Israel

Grow From Each Challenge
Preparing to master the challenges we face gives our life purpose and meaning. Actually doing well is a source of great joy. Those who realize that life is for growing and developing from each and every challenge, each day of our lives, live a life of joy.
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             . 2,700-Year-Old Pottery Found in City of David
by Shlomo Pyutrokovski 2,700-Year-Old Pottery Found in City of David

Archaeologists working in the Gihon Spring area in the City of David in Jerusalem have discovered many ancient artifacts, including pottery shards, clay candle holders, and figurines dating back to the times of the First and Second Temples.

One recently discovered item has aroused particular interest: a pottery shard dating back to the First Temple period that includes part of a phrase etched into its rim. The writing may indicate proof of the existence of a Biblical figure.

The partial phrase reads "...ryahu ben Benaya," a possible reference to the prophet Yecheziel ben Zaharyahu ben Benaya, who is mentioned in the Biblical book of Chronicles 2, in chapter 20, verse 14. However, because the writing is incomplete, the full name cannot be verified.

The archaeologists who discovered the pottery shard have dated it to 2,700 years ago – some time between the kingdom of Hezekiah and the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE during the reign of King Zedekiah.

Archaeologists have previously found writing in the same area, on pottery as well as in the form of stamps and etchings in stone. Some writing has revealed names, including Gamaryahu ben Shafan (a family mentioned in the biblical texts as well) and Benayahu ben-Hoshayahu.

The shard will go on display on Thursday of this week as part of the 14th City of David Research Exhibition.

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