Wednesday, January 29, 2014

cool old cars and largest cactus farm in Israel and Inner courage

  Inner Courage

Ultimately any courage you have is within you. You can choose to access your own courage this very moment.

Love Yehuda Lave

On the rest of the trip back we saw the largest cactus farm in Israel and a bee farm:

Following up on my post from yesterday on how our people risked their lives for our country is this story of weapons discovered from 1948.

Independence War Weapons Cache Discovered n North

by David Lev Independence War Weapons Cache Discovered n North

A long-hidden weapons cache has been uncovered in the Beit Shean Valley. The cache, apparently from the days of the War of Independence, was discovered near Kibbutz Mesilot.

The cache was discovered by members of the kibbutz who were doing work n the area. Speaking to Channel 10, Ami Magen, a kibbutz member, said that elderly members of the kibbutz had known of the existence of the cache, “but no one could say exactly where it was. The people who hid the weapons are no longer alive, and they didn't tell anyone where the weapons were, even after the War of Independence and the establishment of the state.”

The cache consists of several dozen rifles and ammunition. The rifles were wrapped in wax paper, and appeared to be in excellent shape, said Magen.

The cache was similar to others that have been found in other parts of the country. The caches were originally hidden by members of Jewish communities in pre-state days, who smuggled them into the country to defend themselves against Arabs, and later, to fight the Mandatory government's British troops.

The weapons were illegal, and were hidden away for use when fighting became imminent. In many areas, however, the weapons were never taken out of their hiding places either because they weren't needed, or because they were forgotten.


Let the Old Times roll . . .       

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