Friday, January 24, 2014

Most Dangerous Job Ever! and a safe visit to the grave of Samuel the Prophet

Do More than the Minimum

When a person does more than was expected or demanded of him, that is a sign of love. On the other hand, the surest sign that someone is doing something begrudgingly is when he does the minimum and no extra.
This principle applies to the good deeds we do in helping others. When you take on more than the minimal requirements, it manifests your loving attitude.
Today, think of some area in which you have been trying to just "get by" with the minimal requirements. What more can you do in that area?
Love Yehuda Lave
On a warm Jerusalem Friday afternoon we take a spiritual visit to the grave of the prophet Samuel (my Grandfather's name) just outside Jerusalem on a hill looking over much of Israel. You can see from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Here is a video of a little clean up of a COBRA Pit

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