Friday, May 9, 2014

2000 year old seed grows extinct palm and the real Osprey in action

  Grow From Your Mistakes

It is easy to feel frustrated and miserable when you make mistakes. But you can always learn from your mistakes and failures. If you use them as learning experiences, you can view them as positive. Although you would rather not have made those mistakes, you can now view them as stepping stones to growth.
Today, think of one time in your life where you came out better in the end after having made a mistake. Then appreciate the growth you experience.

Love Yehuda Lave

The real osprey in action:

Flying (straight and level trim, diving), scuba diving (sort of), water landings, take offs, weight and balance (on the fly), fishing... this bird has some chops.

Watch the amazing Osprey; master of his domain...

2000 year old seed grows new plant
Great in Uniform--The best of making the handicapped be functional

IS THE FREE WORLD BEING TESTED AGAIN? What is going to happen to the JEWS inside the Ukraine? IF NOTHING IS DONE,THEN WHAT? HITLER tested the free world and NOBODY CARED                                     Listen to the lyrics

Subject: Fwd: This song says it all.I cried when Steve Lawrence broke into a chant,lyrics were haunting.

Watch the film.  History repeats itself, never forget the past.    


this song says it all:

Click here: "Where can I go?" Yiddish song Steve Lawrence - YouTube      never again

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