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A jazzed up collection of Passover Songs from a performance in downtown Chicago

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

Be Real With Your Feelings

 In thinking about serenity and realizing its great value, we would love to be serene all the time. But this is not possible in the world in which we live. In the totality of our lives we will experience a wide range of human emotions, not all of them the ones we would choose for ourselves if we could have total control over our feelings.

So now we have a choice. We can acknowledge our emotional reality at any given moment and from there work our way to true serenity. Or we can deny our true feelings. We may deny our insecurities, anxieties, worries, frustrations, disappointments, etc., and think that because we want to be serene, these feelings do not exist. Let us state clearly: Only by being in touch with your feelings will you be able to truly experience serenity.

Love Yehuda Lave

A collection of Jazzed up Passover songs from downtown Chicago

Take A Gander At This Amazing, But Little Known, 9-11 Story

Worth reading.



Don Rickles- Stand Up ........ ... "the father of insult comedy,"


Still performing at 90 (next month)

Donald Jay "Don" Rickles is an American stand-up comedian, voice actor, and actor. Best known as an insult comic, he is also an actor, playing both comedic and dramatic roles on film. Wikipedia
Born: May 8, 1926 (age 89), Queens, New York City, New York, United States
Spouse: Barbara Rickles (m. 1965)
Children: Larry Rickles, Mindy Rickles


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History-Making Wedding Secretly Performed on the Temple Mount

By: David Israel
Published: April 12th, 2016

The Temple Institute initiated an actual wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount, only the second time this has been performed in some 2000 years. The following is a press release we just received, describing the clandestine simcha.

An engaged couple recently approached Rabbi Chaim Richman, the International Director of the Temple Institute, and asked him if he would supervise their marriage on the Temple Mount. After scrupulously examining the detailed halachot (Jewish law) concerning the marriage ceremony, and consulting with other rabbinical authorities, Rabbi Richman happily accepted the task upon himself.

The couple met with Rabbi Richman early one recent morning in the Old City of Jerusalem, at the headquarters of the Temple Institute, where the blessing over wine was made, a prerequisite to the marriage ceremony. Two appointed witnesses then met the couple at the entrance to the Temple Mount. The witnesses were obligated to both hear the declaration of marriage from the lips of the groom and see him place the gold wedding band on the bride's finger. All members of the party were instructed by Rabbi Richman that this had to be done without drawing the attention of the Israel police or the Muslim Waqf guards who would be accompanying the group of Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount. Were they to notice they would certainly arrest all the parties involved and remove them immediately from the compound.

The plan went like clockwork, and while walking along the eastern perimeter of the Temple Mount, Rabbi Richman gave a tacit signal. The two witnesses drew close to the groom, who, ring in hand, said quietly to the bride, "Behold, you are sanctified to me with this ring, in accordance with the law of Moshe and Israel," and quickly slipped the ring on the bride's finger. This act, known as kiddushin (sanctification) is the binding act of marriage in any Jewish wedding ceremony. The couple was now married. They later stood beneath the chuppah (marriage canopy) at a different location and heard the reading of the ketubah (marriage contract).

The Temple Institute was able to capture the entire Temple Mount wedding on video, but in accordance with the wishes of the couple, are only publicly sharing two still shots, one of the groom placing the ring on the bride's finger, and one of the bride holding up her hand, showing the ring to the camera.

The ancient custom of brides and grooms visiting the Temple Mount (separately) on the day of their wedding has been revived in recent years, but the actual performance of the wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount is a unique act in history following the destruction of the Holy Temple 2000 years ago.

Mazal Tov to the couple and a huge Yishar Koach to Rabbi Richman and the Temple Institute.

Jerusalem Grand Mufti Against Jewish Tours of Temple Mount The Mufti condemned Israeli authorities for sheltering "extremist Jews who profane the sanctity of the Al Aqsa mosque."


By: David Israel
Published: April 12th, 2016

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad / Wikipedia commonsHussein

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, said that the tours of "extremist" Jewish groups, as he put it, at the Al Aqsa plaza (the Temple Mount compound) on the Jewish holidays constitute a dangerous escalation which threatens the security and holiness of the mosque, Israel Radio reported Tuesday.

Hussein accused the Israeli authorities and condemned them for sheltering extremist Jews who profane the sanctity of the Al Aqsa mosque, while severely limiting the access of Muslim worshippers. PLO Spokesman Osama al Kawasma said similar things, and the Hamas has warned of Jewish plans to "storm Al Aqsa mosque" as the Passover holiday grows near.

The Jerusalem Grand Mufti is quite the authority on respect for security and tranquility. In October 2006, just as he began to serve as Grand Mufti, Hussein said in an interview that suicide bombing against Israelis was "legitimate, of course, as long as it plays a role in the resistance."

On the record officially as denying the existence of a Jewish Temple, in 2012 Hussein quoted for the benefit of a crowd on the anniversary of the PLO a hadith (saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad) that says: "The Hour will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: O Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." Hussein is not the only Muslim man of God to preach this ant-Semitic passage, but he had been appointed Grand Mufti by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for his reputation as a moderate. Imagine the disappointment over in Ramallah when they discovered he was a Jew hater.

In 2013, the Grand Mufti was finally detained for questioning by the Israeli authorities about his role in flaming the fires of the riots on the Temple Mount.