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Rabbi Yehuda Lave

"How Did I Contribute to this problem?"

 If you are involved in a quarrel with another person, it's easy to think that it's entirely his fault. The wrong things that this person said and did are loud and clear to you. It's not easy to be aware of what you personally said or did that was wrong.

A question to keep asking yourself about any quarrel you become involved in is, "How did I contribute to this?"

Even if you feel that the other person is one hundred percent wrong, and you are one hundred percent right, you might still have said or done something that was partially a cause of the quarrel or at least a cause of it becoming as heated and bitter as it did. You might have been totally right in what you said or did and didn't have any way to know how the other person would react. By asking how you contributed, factors and patterns might emerge that you can eliminate in the future.

Love Yehuda Lave

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American Jewish Man arrested on the Temple mount

By: Jewish Press News Briefs
Published: April 17th, 2016

An American Jewish man was arrested on the Temple Mount on Sunday morning after it was noticed that he was quietly murmuring a prayer, according to a TPS report. At this time it is unknown if the arrested man is an Israeli citizen or a tourist.

A second Jew was warned by the Israeli police that he would be arrested if he didn't stop looking at the Siddur app on his cellphone. He was not arrested as he wasn't yet praying at that point.

Prime Minister Netanyahu can relax, his status quo has been upheld.

Who is ready to ride this Roler Coaster?

Hard to belive when you see this that it really happened

This is where the seeds of the world are kept in case of a global catastrophe.

not a good idea to throw paper clips at your co worker

Australian doctor shows how Israeli snack Bamba is saving lives!

Introducing Guiding Hands - CONAN on TBS


Just what today's internet users need!!!

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Rabbi Yehuda Glick on "Who May Ascend the Temple Mount?"

Amzaon's forwarder in Germany

What the EU thinks of us


BOONE COUNTY, West Virginia —Margaret Allen has raised 14 kids of her own, but none has given her a grandchild she so desperately wants.

I'm not sure why my own kids won't breed. Shame on them," Allen told "But God always answers my prayers and though, at my age, the so called "doctors" say I can't get knocked up, they is wrong. I pray hard enough, God will let me give birth to a grandchild. I mean, my own child, that I will treat like a grandchild."

Margaret Allen got up every morning at 3 A.M. and would pray fourteen hours straight for God to put a baby inside her. Once she is finished, the octogenarian typically eats a few TV dinners and then spends the rest of the night in bed "mating with" a 22-year-old man she has chosen to be the father.

She is so dedicated, like professional athlete-level dedicated," Margaret's friend Angie Dickson, a fellow congregation member at Bible Baptist Church, said. "When she sets a goal in her head, she don't stop till she succeeds. Last year she spent two weeks praying my IBS away. She stopped a terrorist attack on our town. She even prayed for some homosexual men to get out of town and they did, eventually. She is truly a miracle worker. God will give her a baby."

Allen's children declined comment, except her eldest son:

Sure enough after years of praying Margaret is now officially 5 months pregnant. She plans to name the child "Miracle" because as she says that's what she is a Miracle.

If your a non-believer in this Miracle baby remember that Sarah was 90 and her husband Abraham was 100 when they had their first child…check your bible



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Kosher for Passover Beer

Made from dates, that is. Its the Kosher for Pesach date ale, made by the Medan brewery in Carmiel. Its a Silan beer, and not as sweet as you might guess, but its "phenomenal", says Jerusalem Wine Club owner Eli Poch. 

You can get it at the Kfar HaYayin wine store in Kfar Etzion. If you know of other places carrying it, let us know 


WATCH: Another Biblical Plague Mysteriously Appears as Passover Approaches
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz April 13, 2016 , 9:30 am

"So there was hail, and fire flashing up amidst the hail, very grievous, such as had not been in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation." Exodus 9:24 (The Israel Bible™)

Yet another scene from the Book of Exodus has come to life as the seventh plague, described by the Bible as fire and hail mixed together, has miraculously appeared in a desert in Afghanistan.

A video posted on Sod1820, a religious Hebrew-language website, shows a group of people gathered in amazement around the source of a flowing spring in the desert on the border between Iran and Afghanistan. The reason for their shock is immediately apparent: large flames shoot out from the hole in the sand from which water flows.

The incredible sight follows close on the heels of another recent Biblical vision which awed the world: a satellite photo which showed the Nile River flowing bright red in an image directly reminiscent of God's first plague against the Egyptians.


The latest inexplicable event is amazingly similar to the Biblical account of the seventh plague (Exodus 9:18-35), which describes a perfectly natural phenomenon, hail, that takes on a miraculous dimension when appearing along with its diametrical opposite – fire.

"So there was hail, and fire flashing up amidst the hail, very grievous, such as had not been in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation." Exodus 9:24
Though there is undeniably a logical and scientific explanation for the bizarre phenomenon of water and fire together, the Biblical origins of the image are too clear to be denied. This particular spring of water in Afghanistan may not be a miracle, but it is clearly a reminder of the lessons the Bible teaches through the description of the plagues in Egypt.

The Bible prefaces the plague of hail in Exodus 9:14: "For I will this time send all My plagues upon thy person, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people; that thou mayest know that there is none like Me in all the earth." The language implies that it is equal to all of the other plagues combined.   

The Israel Bible gives an explanation of why the seventh plague was especially poignant in a way that is especially appropriate for the difficult times we live in.


The miraculous occurrence of fire and water as seen in Afghanistan (Photo: Video screenshot / כי לה' המלוכה‎)
"The hail contains both fire and ice, yet the fire does not melt the ice and the water of the ice does not extinguish the fire.  They are able to exist in harmony for the purpose of fulfilling God's will.  Similarly, the medieval commentator Rashi comments (Gen. 1:8) that the Hebrew word for heaven, 'shamayim,' comes from the Hebrew words 'aish' (fire) and 'mayim' (water), as the two came together in harmony to make up the heavens.  This serves as a powerful lesson of peace and is referenced in the daily Jewish prayer service.  The following supplication appears multiple times in the liturgy: 'He Who makes peace in His heights (between fire and water), may He make peace, upon us and upon all Israel.'"

Hints of the Biblical plagues have been appearing lately, seemingly in preparation for the Passover seder, when all of Israel will be retelling the story of the Exodus. The recent image of a blood-red Nile was the result of a special imaging process, but it was universally recognizable as a scene straight from the Bible, with even secular news sites making the Biblical connection.