Friday, April 15, 2016

The man in the door -a bloody poem from the Vietnam era

Rabbi Yehuda Lave

I can be your coach

Serenity Coach

In every important area of life we do better when we have a coach. A coach has a more objective view and will be able to point out ways that we can improve. Even if someone else doesn't have more knowledge, since they are more objective, their input could be valuable.

A serenity coach could be someone who is a model of serenity. Or it could be anyone who observes us and points out to us when we need to return to a more serene state. Others view our facial reactions, which we don't see unless we are looking into a mirror, and therefore observe the biofeedback that is expressed on our faces. It makes sense that if you have an opportunity to benefit from someone who agrees to be your coach, that you shouldn't pass up the opportunity.

Love Yehuda Lave

TOUR TO THE SAMARITAN PASSOVER SACRIFICE--join US this coming Wenesday the 20th

The Samaritans or "Shomronim" have been living in the Shomron for 2,500 years where they still practice many ancient rites from the Torah, including the Passover Sacrifice. This year the Samaritan Passover falls out a couple of days before Pesach on Wednesday April 20th. This gives us a unique opportunity to witness this ancient ceremony which has taken place on Mt. Gerizim for 2,500 years! Normally it is hard to get there or on Shabbat. This time we will have once in a life time timing.

I've created a special full-day, pre-Pesach tour around this event which will help us prepare for Pesach while getting a sense of how our ancestors celebrated this holiday thousands of years ago.

(Security precautions will be taken, including an armored bus and armed guard)

Leaves Jerusalem 10 am

Returns by 10 pm


Before the Temple stood in Jerusalem, the Mishkan in Shiloh was the center of Jewish worship for 369 years! This is where all of Israel would bring their Passover Sacrifice. Shiloh is also where Chana prayed for her son Shmuel who became the leader of Israel and anointed the first Kings.

We'll do a short hike/walk around the archaeological site, including the site where archaeologists say the Mishkan actually stood.
Multimedia presentation at Shiloh
Hiking at Ancient Shilo
Ancient olive press - Tel Shiloh
Model of the Altar at Tel Shiloh
The Gvaot winery is a unique winery that sits on the ruins of an ancient winery from the First Temple period. Using the latest in wine making techniques they produce some of the finest wines Israel has to offer! We'll get a tour of the winery, and have an opportunity to taste some of their wines and purchase wine for Pesach.
The vintner, Dr. Shivi Drori
Ancient Vineyards near the winery.
Gvaot Wines
We will see where Abraham stood near Beit El when G-d promised the Land of Israel to his children for all generations. From here you can see down to Tel Aviv on the coast Jerusalem in the north and the Judean Desert in the east. From here you can also see the traditional site of Jacob's dream!
Showing what Abraham saw from here
View of Beit El
We'll learn all about the Samaritans and their religion and witness this 2,500 year old ceremony at the Samaritan neighborhood atop Mt. Gerizim.

A story by Marine Michael Rierson to celebrate the one abiding image we all brought home from came in low and hot, close to the trees.


Explaining the reality to a brainwashed Israel Hater

Matzah roller derby.

The most creative way you will ever see the story of Passover

Passover Rap by David Nachenberg


Hebrew music: Elohim natan lecha bematana- Beautiful Israeli song with English translation

These Orthodox Jewish Musicians Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Gary Cooper winning Best Actor for "High Noon" in 1953

Gregory Peck Wins Best Actor: 1963 Oscars--on the theme of 10 years later

Marlon Brando's Oscar® win for " The Godfather" 1973 and the Indian Acceptance speech 10 years later

Michael Jackson performing at the Oscars® 1973-when he was just starting on his own

John Wayne and the Academy Award Winners: 1973 Oscars