Monday, August 14, 2017

Lost in the 50's -video clips from that era

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

We can create moments of serenity just by noticing our breath and reminding ourselves that we are kept alive by a Divine intelligence which is perfect and good, even if it does not seem that way from our limited human perspective. Adopt a mantra, such as "Healing," or "Serene," or a passage from Tehillim or Torah. Exercise, especially with a friend. Do something creative. Keep a humor file. Listen to music. Finally, one of my favorite activities is looking for opportunities to do chesed.

Love yehuda lave

All the millions of criticisms can be reduced to four major categories. Underlying the words of the criticism itself, are one or more of the following: YOU ARE…. 1)Evil, 2)Stupid, 3)Uncaring, 4)Crazy. A failure It is helpful to prepare yourself for criticism by actually calling yourself these names at times so that they are not such a shock. For example, although I do not take pleasure in hurting people like true evil-doers, I do sometimes hurt people's feelings by being unaware or impulsive. As for stupid, I am definitely dumb when it comes to figuring out women. And I hoped our Prime Minister would do the right thing, which was a bit stupid.

Lost in the 50's tonight-video clips

Electric Cars All the Rage

Automakers and environmentalists have been toying with electrified vehicles since the early days of mass transport. When I was a kid, the people movers were trolly cars (powered by electric lines overhead).  Subways & Chicago's elevated trains are all electric and self-driving. 

The popularity of my early articles and my recent investment article ( about all electric and hybrids (cars, trucks, buses, air-transport and marine vehicles) reflect changing attitudes and culture among the public, automakers and governments around the world. Perhaps if Israel's Better Place went on the market today rather than ten years too soon Israel might be an exporter rather than an obscenely larger importer of oil, gas and electric buses from China.

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British boat crew find £100M of Nazi gold in Hitler's shipwreck

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Top 30 Greatest Songs 1950-1959 (According to Dave's Music Database)

Beware of the Crocs

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