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The Mount of Olives close up and Glick goes up to the Temple Mount

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

One sign of maturity is the ability to distinguish between healthy shame and unhealthy shame. Excess shame is at the root of most anxiety and depression. But lack of shame is the basis of all immoral and criminal behavior. Like a powerful medication, you do not want to overdose. Healthy shame is appropriate if you have been deliberately irresponsible, cruel or done something illegal. It is not appropriate if you made an innocent mistake, were unable to fulfill others' impossible dreams or failed to live up to your own unreasonable expectations. If you go through the day with a lot of emotional turmoil, you will find that by recognizing and eliminating your self-shaming beliefs, you automatically begin to feel calmer and happier.

Love Yehuda Lave

Missed the total solar eclipse? Here's where you can see one in the next 50 years

Subject: Missed the total solar eclipse? Here's where you can see one in the next 50 years

The Mount of Olives and Butterfield Park

Who Created G‑d? By Aron Moss


I've often heard the argument that there must be a G‑d, because creation is so well designed that there must be a designer. For example, the human brain is so complex, it must have a creator, so G‑d must exist. That makes sense, but by using the same logic, I can ask the question: Who created G‑d?


Your question can be answered by following a few logical steps.

Before creation, there was nothing but G‑d. Nothing. When we say that G‑d is the Creator, we don't just mean He created solid objects, like planets, trees and aardvarks. We mean He created everything. Any thing you can think of, every single existence on every plane and in every dimension, was once not, and G‑d made it be.

That means that even concepts were created by G‑d. G‑d not only created the concrete universe, made up of gases, solids and liquids; He also created all of the abstract realities, such as love, goodness, purpose and logic. These concepts did not exist before He created them.

One concept G‑d introduced is the very concept of creation. G‑d came up with the idea that you can have nothing, and make something out of it. The very notion that something has a beginning, a point at which it comes into existence—that notion itself was created by G‑d. The concept didn't exist before. Just like there were no trees before G‑d created the first tree, so too there were no beginnings before G‑d created the first beginning.

So your question is based on a false premise. You can't ask "Who created G‑d?" because the whole concept of creating was G‑d's idea in the first place. There was no such thing as creation before G‑d came up with it. Just as it is obvious that the person who made the first cartoon was not himself a cartoon, so too G‑d, who invented the concept of creation, is not Himself a creation.

G‑d, the Creator, never changes. He is always the same; He always was and always will be. Humans, created beings that we are, do not remain the same. We once were not, were brought into being, and will one day be no longer. And that is why humans are so special. Because as creations, we—you and I—​have the power to change. That's the gift of being human.

Wait until you see how much this Rolex watch is valued at with all the original documents and case that it came with back in 1960. The gentleman that owns the watch bought it on the advice of his sergeant while he was serving in the Army and it turns out it was pretty good advice. When told how much the watch is worth his look of surprise is priceless

Another Confederate Statue Removed

$1,000 for a $1 bag These inflated prices have many people feeling rather salty.

Glick Ascends Temple Mount, Smotrich Stays Home, Both Mad at Bibi

By David Israel - 7 Elul 5777 – August 29, 2017


Despite his declaration to the contrary, on Tuesday morning MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) took advantage of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's one day "pilot program" and ascended to the Temple Mount after an absence of about a year and a half because of the PM's ban on MKs entry.

MK Shuli Mualem (Habayit Hayehudi) was scheduled to ascend later on Tuesday.

Tuesday's pilot will examine the influence of Knesset members' entry into the Temple Mount compound on the behavior of other visitors. It offers the MKs a limited window of opportunity before the Muslim Holiday of the Sacrifice this coming Friday – and could be an invitation for Arab riots. In fact, in his statement earlier this week MK Glick accused the PM of cynically manipulating events and in effect inviting riots on the Temple Mount, ahead of a High Court hearing on the ban this week. If the there are riots on pilot Tuesday, government could tell the court "I told you so" on Thursday.

The pilot was decided following police recommendation to the PM a few months ago to cancel his ban, suggesting the risk for incitement to violence – by Arab MKs – was over. The police document suggested placing several conditions visiting MKs – among other things they must coordinate in advance with police. This was back in early July, and Netanyahu was going to remove his ban by the end of the month of Ramadan, but then the terror attack that left two Border Guard officers dead happened and the ban stayed.

The ban stays in effect regarding government ministers, which led Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Habayit Hayehudi) to threaten to file a High Court of Justice petition against the Prime Minister to allow ministers to enter the site. This would mark the first time a serving government minister sues his PM.

A letter Ariel sent Netanyahu and Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan suggested the denial of the entry of ministers to the Temple Mount is based on the fear that the ascension of a government minister to the holy place constitutes a demonstration of sovereignty over the Temple Mount, which violates one of Israel's constitutional laws, Basic Law: Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel.

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Habayit Hayehudi) issued a statement titled, "I will not ascend to the Temple Mount tomorrow."

"I am not ready to go to the Temple Mount as a thief in hiding, in the humiliating and illegal manner that was imposed on Knesset members," Smotrich said.

"The Temple Mount is the most sacred place for the Jewish people and the State of Israel must exercise its sovereignty over it," he continued. "The terms and conditions of what's forbidden and what's allowed that were imposed on members of the Knesset as reflected in the humiliating letter of the Knesset officer are illegal, undemocratic and unacceptable."

"The delusional 'pilot,' offering MKs a hole in the wall to crawl through like thieves and almost begging the rioters to riot, is a new and unacceptable low," Smotrich said, concluding: "I will ascend to the mountain when ministers and Knesset members are able to ascend freely and upright to realize the sovereignty of the State of Israel over the Temple Mount, and I call on the Prime Minister to permit this immediately."

The Arab MKs also expressed their opinion on the subject too. MK Ahmed Tibi said the Arab MKs won't go up to the Temple Mount today, "MKs from the [Arab] Joint List will not go up to the Al-Aqsa mosque today as part of the provocation and conditions of Netanyahu and the Israel Police, and the Arab MKs will enter whenever they want and not when Netanyahu wants them to. That's the way it was and that's the way it will be."

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Love Yehuda Lave

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