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Old Jews telling Jokes and by contrast the good reasons why many people choose a Hasidic lifestyle

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

At Mount Sanai we were given two torahs. The written one that is the five books of Moses (which Moses wrote down over the 40 years they were in the desert) and the Oral Torah taught by the Rabbis that explains and amplifies the written one. Many concepts are not explained or talked about in the 79,847 words in a Torah scroll, and 304,805 letters, the five books of Moses.

The Talmud has about 2 million words so about 10 million letters by comparison. Obviously there are many new points not covered by the written law but we still consider it given at the time of the 10 commandments.

One story is found in tractate Shabbat on page 152a.

It is a story about physical decline in old age: Raebbi said to Rabbi Shomon ben Chalafta: Why didn't you come to us on the festivals as your family did? Rabbi Shimon said to Rebbi, "I am too old. The rocks I used to easily climb when I was young have grown tall in my old age, that is they seem taller then when I was young. What ws near to me when I was young has become distant, for it is difficult for me to travel those distances now that I am old. From a person who walks on two legs, I have become a person who walks on three for I can not walk without a cane. But worse of all, that which promotes peace in the home has ceased.

That he said was the worst because that which used to promote peace in the home he was no longer capable of doing and his wife would give him no shalom biat at home.

May all you find peace and harmony in your homes.

Love Yehuda Lave

The Advantgeous of living in A closed Chasidic Community

One does not give up being open minded or to work or enjoy culture to also be able to see the advantage of staying seperate from the world in order to focus on family values. I live in Jerusalem and half of my time I spend with Chasidic Jews.One can support Israel, the Army and being modern and still be Chasidic.  I go to Yeshiva, pray in Chasidic Shuls and hang around Chasidic people and you will never find a more open Jew than I. I meet non-religious Jews, people of other faiths and atheists and I try to share G-d's ways with them.

I have a close friend who wrote this piece which I edited about the advantageous of living in a closed community. I share it with you for those that have never thought about it. The strongest thing about the Chasidic lifestyle is its emphasis on family values.

 A major requirement  for success in all walks of life is that the Jewish people remain independent and disconnected from their surroundings as much as possible. All the attitudes, mentalities, mores, philosophies of the nations would only benefit from our life style; and not the other way around. On the contrary when we forsake our traditions and adopt from others we always suffer  national catastrophes.

             Facts have demonstrated  and presently do as well that the most successful of all western hemisphere Jews in maintaining their tradition and high level of morality are the Chasidim. Of course they have their failures as well but  the percentages of dropouts, addicts, intermarriage, divorce,  sexual abuse IS MUCH  MUCH LOWER than in any other group.

This is so because they tend to live in close proximity of each other, dress as Chasidim traditionally do, and do not follow the ever changing fads  of society . .

All Orthodox Jewish leaders and organizations must make this a major topic of discussion and planning  

1-      Jews especially practicing religious Jews must be  coerced into living in a community.

This must become a standard given for all . We live only amongst ourselves. A person living among the secular or non -Jewish population must be encouraged to move his residence or become an outcast unless given special permission by a beis din.   It must be supported and encouraged  by all  Jewish leaders and organizations.

2-      A Jew must be recognizable as a Jew by his dress code. The clothing should be modest and respectable , traditional, not accentuating the persons physical attributes but covering them. The Chasidic style seems to be the closest to that ideal  in our society.

3-      Language that is spoken should preferably be lashon hakodesh. It should be taught in all our schools as a first language and English or the language of the country as the second language

4-      Jewish names, preferably biblical , should be used exclusively

5-      Business should be transacted with Jews first and non -Jews as a second choice. There is halachic support for this as well.

6-      Our educational system should be operated, taught  by practicing religious Jews who are keen to the dangers of secular values. This applies to secular education of all skills needed for earning a decent income.  Torah skills should certainly be taught by the most competent in that field and all teachers must undergo testing to determine their fitness for the teaching pro

Full Transcript of Netanyahu's AIPAC Speech


U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley delivers remarks at the 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference.

12 Standing Ovations for Nikki Haley at AIPAC's UN Hatefest

Here's something US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley and the 18,000 pro-Israel Jews who packed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington, DC on Monday: they loathe the United Nations – and they love Israel.

In her 20-minute speech Monday, Haley was interrupted by loving hecklers who shouted, "We love you, Nikki" ("I love you, too," she responded, on the record). And she received twelve, count them on the video, twelve standing ovations.


We think if ambassador Haley were to leap into her audience, she'd be crowd-surfing all the way to the lobby.

She also confirmed every last gripe her audience and their parents and grandparents had been harboring since the late 1940s: "In the real world, Israel is a strong country with a vibrant economy and a first-class military. On the battlefield, Israel does not get bullied. The Iranians and Syrians can vouch for that," Haley said. "But the UN is a different story. At the UN and throughout the UN agencies, Israel does get bullied. It gets bullied because the countries that don't like Israel are used to being able to get away with it. Well, just like when I was that little girl in South Carolina, that just doesn't sit well with me."

"As many of you know, one of the UN agencies with the worst track record of Israel bias is UNESCO," the ambassador brought up a favorite topic. "Among many other ridiculous things, UNESCO has the outrageous distinction of attempting to change ancient history. UNESCO recently declared one of Judaism's holiest sites, the Tomb of the Patriarchs, as a Palestinian heritage site in need of protection from Israel."

"That was enough," Haley said. "Ten months into this administration, the United States withdrew from UNESCO."

"I love you, Nikki," an unknown voice shouted from the crowd. ("I love you too.")

"You know, our embassy decision caused a little bit of a stir at the United Nations," she moved to the other crowd-pleaser. "In the Security Council, almost exactly one year after the United States shamefully abstained when the Council attacked Israel with Resolution 2334, I had the great honor of casting my first American veto. When I was governor, I used my veto power dozens of times. At the UN, I never got to do it until the Jerusalem vote. I got to say, it felt pretty good."

Moses didn't get such a standing ovation when he gave all of Egypt boils.

"The next week, the Jerusalem issue was brought before the UN General Assembly. We lost that vote, but to many people surprise, 65 countries refused to go against us. In the long history of UN's mistreatment of Israel, that's quite a record. And we're not forgetting that vote. Like I said at that time, on that vote we were 'taking names.'"

Again, fantastic reaction, and the ambassador moved to the big closer: "Last week I took a trip to Guatemala and Honduras and I thanked them both for voting with us. God bless Guatemala. They even joined us in moving their embassy to Jerusalem."

Oh, Nikki, will you please be our president, the multitudes were gushing, and some probably were wondering if she couldn't be our prime minister, too, while she's at it.

"In all that we're doing, whether it's the embassy decision or UNESCO, or what we're doing with UNWRA – don't even get me started on that one – our approach on Israel is tied together by one major idea, the idea that runs through all of it is the simple concept that Israel must be treated like any other normal country," Haley said, and the audience had enough yiddish naches for two weddings and a bar mitzvah.

"We will continue to demand that Israel not be treated like some sort of temporary, provisional entity," Haley stressed. "It cannot be the case that only one country in the world doesn't get to choose its capital city. It cannot be the case that the UN Human Rights Council has a standing agenda item for only one country."

God bless you, Ambassador Nikki, where are you already invited to a seder this year?

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