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Why Jews are so successful by Ben Shipiro

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Don't Despair

Even if a doctor says there is no chance of recovery, one should not despair. There are an extremely large amount of cases when doctors have given up hope and nevertheless the patient recovered.

While it is irresponsible to disregard reliable medical advice when something practical can be done, doctors are only human and are fallible. It is important for doctors themselves to realize this and even when the situation appears bleak, they should realize that while we cannot rely on miracles, medical miracles do occur.

Whenever Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin was told that a doctor had given up hope on a patient, Rabbi Diskin would comment, "A doctor has a right to heal, but who gave him the authority to despair?"

Love Yehuda Lave

There is no diplomatic solution
​Prof Eidelberg has written a rather handle with care essay I send to you!  This needs some thought and discussion.  Read with care.   A time for....and a time for....? 

Only 6% of Washington's booming Jewish community identify as Republican

Just Hi

A probate attorney discusses with the family of a recently deceased millionaire for the reading of the will.

'To my loving wife, Abby, who always stood by me, I leave the house, yacht and three millions dollars,' the attorney reads.

'To my darling daughter, Kimberley, who looked after me in sickness and kept the business going, I leave the special car collection, the business and 2 million dollars.'

'And finally,' the lawyer concludes, 'to my cousin Frederick, who hated me, argued with me and thought I would never mention him in my will.

Well, you were wrong. Hi Frederick!'

Ben Shapiro - Why Jews Are Successful

its not (just) their IQ. it's the culture... being in control of your own finances and considered a MAN when you're like 13 is what sets jews up for success. they are more responsible and disciplined. it's pretty simple. look what happened when anglo-saxons had that sort of culture for a few centuries... they conquered the world

Ben Shapiro reveals the secret of why Jews are so successfulBy Michael Sax - February 26,

What is the secret of success? Throughout the ages, Jews have appeared to be very successful and stand out, especially in relation to their small population. How do they succeed?


Ben's Answer to the Secret of Success

Ben Shapiro, when asked this question, said it was due to literacy. As a result of literacy they excelled in academics and succeeded. Historically speaking, Jews have especially placed emphasis on reading, such as the Torah and Talmud. That value continued through to school and college, as Jews were highly motivated to value and excel in education. This has led to successful people.

Nobel Prize – proof of success

And the proof is in the pudding. An rather large amount of Nobel Prize laureates and winners have been Jewish. More than 10 prizes in Literature have been won by Jews. And more than 30 Chemistry prizes have been awarded to Jews. For the field of medicine, more that 50 Jews have been awarded the Nobel prize.

Yet it's not just Jews

Individuals or cultures that focus on academics attain success. It starts with a focus on academics. The students enjoy their studies. And want to succeed. They want to learn about many topics, and research concepts. The students also make projects in school. The excel, therefore their grades reflect it. When they enter the real world, they succeed. In opposite to this, there are people who have no college education, but succeeded nonetheless. Yet they did have motivation were driven to succeed. So perhaps another factor is motivation and creativity. A person can always be aware of his potential while reaching for the sky. Because it's important to know who we are, but don't let that limit us. When we reach for the sky, we can land on the moon. Who knows the precise secret for success, but Ben defiantly has a good point that many people will agree with.

Still worth learning about the Megillat Esther from last week's Purim

Megillat Esther

Everyone is obligated to hear the reading of the Megillah on the holiday of Purim. It must be read at night and then once again during the day, as the verse states, "My G-d, I call out to You during the day and You do not answer; at night I have no rest." This verse can be found in Tehillim (Psalm 22) which begins with the words, "To the Chief Musician according to Ayelet HaShachar." Our Sages (Yoma 29a) tell us that Esther was compared to anAyelet Ha'Shachar (doe of the dawn), as we have already mentioned.


This Megillah is known as "Megillat Esther." The commentaries ask: Why is this Megillah referred to as "Megillat Esther"; it would seem that it should be called "Megillat Mordechai Ve'Esther," as they both equally merited bringing about the miracle of Purim? Although it certainly makes sense to mention Esther's name first, both because she was the queen and because the beginning and conclusion of the redemption were brought about through her, nevertheless, to completely omit Mordechai's name is quite incomprehensible, for he was the spirit behind the entire miracle, both in the beginning when he revealed the plot of Bigtan and Teresh to Esther and at the end when he spurred Esther forth to come before the king and plead for the Jewish nation. If so, it should certainly be called "Megillat Mordechai Ve'Esther."


Indeed, this question can be strengthened based on the words of Rabbeinu Yosef Haim of Baghdad. He asks: Why in the Al Ha'Nissim text (inserted into the Amida prayers and Birkat Hamazon of Purim) do we say "In the days of Mordechai and Esther" and additionally, at the conclusion of the Megillah reading we recite "Blessed is Mordechai" followed by "Blessed is Esther"; would it not make sense to mention Esther before Mordechai, for the primary component of the miracle was brought about through Esther? He answers that there are two reasons why Mordechai is mentioned before Esther: Firstly, Mordechai was the one to motivate Esther to come before the king to plead for her nation. Secondly, Esther's miracle was not as great as Mordechai's miracle, for Esther's miracle was closer to being natural, for it is natural for a man to respect his wife and Achashverosh thus respected Esther by heeding her request to annul the harsh decrees against the Jews. However, Mordechai's miracle was more prominent, for naturally, Haman should have already hanged Mordechai, but every time he came to carry out his plot, he became filled with a tremendous fear; this was clearly from Heaven. (This means to say that although Esther's miracle was indeed wondrous, it nevertheless came about through a sequence of natural events as opposed to Mordechai's miracle which was more Heavenly and could not be considered as natural.) Based on these words of the saintly Ben Ish Hai that the miracle of Mordechai was greater than that of Esther, our original question becomes even stronger: Why is this Megillah called "Megillat Esther" and not "Megillat Mordechai Ve'Esther"?


Hagaon Harav Shimon Hirari zt"l (an elderly Tunisian scholar who resided in Tel Aviv until his passing not long ago) answers based on the verse that is first written in the Megillah, "Mordechai wrote down these matters," meaning that he wrote the Megillah. However, the Megillah later states, "Esther, daughter of Avichail, and Mordechai the Jew wrote," meaning that both of them wrote the Megillah. This means to say that originally, Mordechai wrote the Megillah himself and when he delivered the contents of the Megillah, i.e. for all Jews to celebrate these days of Purim, not everyone was willing to accept his words. Only afterwards, when Esther sent out the Megillah, did the entire nation accept upon themselves to fulfill the contents of the Megillah, as our Sages said, "Esther sent [a message] to the Sages requesting that they establish a law to celebrate the days of Purim for all generations. The Sages sent her back [a message]: 'You are causing the nations of the world to spite us when they see that we are celebrating a holiday marking our victory over them.' She sent back: 'I have already been recorded in the record books of Media and Persia and the nations will be able to read about what happened to them there.'" Thus, there would be no additional strife created by instituting the days of Purim.


It is now clear why the Megillah is named solely after Esther, for through Queen Esther was the Megillah accepted by the entire Jewish nation at the behest of the Sages of Israel. Esther therefore merited having the Megillah named after her.

Israel - Prime Minister interview - Golda Meir

Dubbed the "Iron Lady" of Israeli politics Thames Televisions 'This week' speaks exclusively to Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. First Shown on British Television in 1970

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