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The Arab assault on the Temple Mount continues and Happy Birthday Mom

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Yehuda Lave, Spiritual Advisor and Counselor

Yehuda Lave is an author, journalist, psychologist, rabbi, spiritual teacher and coach, with degrees in business, psychology and Jewish Law. He works  with people from all walks of life and helps them in their search for greater happiness, meaning, business advice on saving money,  and spiritual engagement.

Today would have been my Mother's birthday. She passed away the year before I came to Israel. I accomplished a lot this last year, going to her birth place and seeing her family history and burial places. So a shout out to my Brother and Sister. Happy birthday Mom!

In the Torah, the Almighty lists the many blessings that one receives for fulfilling the mitzvot, the commandments. Unlike other religions which promise reward in the World to Come, the Torah only speaks of this world rewards -- blessings of food in your storehouse, peace from your enemies, healthy offspring.

The Torah goes further than listing the blessings, it states, "And it will come to you all of these blessings and they will reach you, when you listen to the voice of the Almighty, your God" (Deut. 28:2). If the Torah says "and it will come to you," why does it add the seemingly extra words "and they will reach you"?

A person does not always realize what is truly good for him or her and mistakenly runs away from the blessing. Therefore, the Torah guarantees that the blessing will pursue the person and reach him even though he is trying to escape from it. Only after he receives the blessing will he become aware of what is really good for him.

This idea will save a person much suffering. When things happen that seem to be a negative occurrence, be patient before you make a final judgment. As one event leads to another you will frequently see before your eyes that what you thought was negative in the end turned out to be clearly positive! Be aware of occasions when this already happened to you in the past and then you will be able to internalize this awareness for the future!

Love Yehuda Lave

Meeting your future father in law

A young woman brought her fiancé home to meet her parents. After dinner, her mother told the girl's father to find out about the young man.  The father invited the fiancé to his study for a talk.

 "So, what are your plans?" the father asked the young man.

 "I am a biblical scholar," he replied

 "A biblical scholar, hmmm?" the father said. "Admirable, but what will you do to provide a nice house for my daughter to live in?"

 "I will study," the young man replied, "and God will provide for us."

 "And how will you buy her a beautiful engagement ring, such as she deserves?" asked the father.

 "I will concentrate on my studies," the young man replied, "God will
provide for us."

 "And children?" asked the father. "How will you support children?"

 "Don't worry, sir, God will provide," replied the fiancé.

 The conversation proceeded like this...and each time the father questioned, the young idealist insisted that God would provide.

 Later, the mother asked, "How did your talk go, honey?"

 The father answered, "He's a Democrat. He has no job, he has no plans, and he thinks I'm God"


Arabs continue destroying Jewish archaeology on the Temple Mount


While Israel preserves Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock, Arabs have proven that they cannot be trusted to respect Jewish Holy sites.

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Ezequiel Doiny The author is an Engineer and writer based in Maryland, USA.More from the author ►

On February 22, 2019 Arutz Sheva reported "Hundreds of Arabs arriving for Friday prayers breached the Golden Gate and entered the site."  Palestinian Arabs clashed with Israeli police on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, trying to force their way into an area that has been closed for 16 years.  The incident follows a similar confrontation the same week.

The area near the Gate of Mercy, or Golden Gate, was sealed by Israeli authorities in 2003 and it has been kept closed to stop illegal construction work there by the Waqf, which Israeli officials believe has led to the destruction of antiquities from periods of Jewish presence in the area." 

The Arabs shouted incitement against Jews and breached the area…"

On February 19, 2019 Lenny Ben David tweeted "… Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police recently took place around the Bab al-Rahma - a large structure inside the Golden Gate that police closed off in 2003 and that the Islamic Waqf wants reopened.     According to Jewish tradition, Sha'ar HaRachamim is the gate through which the Messiah will come… ."

"A rare photo from 1900 from the Library of Congress, captioned 'Interior of Golden Gate,' shows a room with massive columns. The gate dates back to the 7th-8th century CE and was built over an earlier gate. A photo shows the top of the arch of the earlier gate...What's inside the sealed gates between the walls? Rare picture I found circa 1900 suggests that the room and/or columns date back to the Temple. No wonder, the Wakf wants to build a mosque there between the walls..."

See pictures of the Golden Gate (1900) from the Library of Congress in the links below…    

The reason why the Golden Gate was sealed by Israeli authorities in 2003 was because the Islamic Waqf was destroying Jewish Archeological remains in Temple Mount as described and documented below.

Netanyahu made a concession to the Palestinians since 1996 when he allowed them to build a mosque in the Salomon Stables area in Temple Mount. On October 1996 reported "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Israeli authorities not to block the opening of a mosque at Solomon's Stables, an area underneath the Temple Mount, Ha'aretz reported. The decision reportedly took into consideration security assessments which determined that any attempts to reverse construction work at the site would spark a new round of rioting…" please see

Netanyahu's permission to build a Mosque at Solomon's Stables enabled the Waqf to destroy Jewish Archaeological remains during Ehud Barack's government a few years later.

Until 1948 Jews were a majority of the population in Jerusalem. On December 11, 2017 Amb. Dore Gold wrote in the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs "By the mid-19th century, the British Consulate in Jerusalem made the following determination, according to this report, which I found in the Public Record Office in Kew, it states that Jews were a majority in Jerusalem, when? already in 1863 – that's long before Theodor Herzl, before the Britt's arrived, or Lord Balfour. See the guy on the right, William Seward, he was Secretary of State of the United States during the American civil war, under President Abraham Lincoln. When Seward's term ended, he visited the holy land, he visited Jerusalem. And he wrote a memoir. And in his memoir, it is written, "There is a Jewish majority in Jerusalem."   

 See William Seward, Travels Around the World (1873)   

Jews were expelled from Jerusalem's old city by the Jordanian Arab legion in 1948 through ethnic cleansing. Between 1948 and 1967 while Jordan occupied Jerusalem's old city, dozens of synagogues were destroyed, thousands of tombstones were desecrated in the Mount of Olives Cemetery and Jews were not allowed to pray in the Western Wall.

The Jewish Virtual Library reports "Before the United Nations voted in favor of the Partition Plan on November 29, 1947, the Arab Legion of Jordan attacked Jerusalem. Their forces blocked Jerusalem's roads and cut off the city's access to water. After bitter fighting, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City fell to the vastly superior arms and numbers of the Arab Legion. The surviving Jewish inhabitants fled to the "New City," the four-fifths of the capital that Israel successfully held. The Old City, including the Jewish Quarter, officially fell to Jordan on May 27, 1948."

"Nearly twenty years later, during the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel's army liberated Jerusalem's Old City, finding the area completely neglected and virtually destroyed. ... All but one of the thirty five synagogues within the Old City were destroyed; those note completely devastated had been used as hen houses and stables filled with dung-heaps, garbage and carcasses. The revered Jewish graveyard on the Mount of Olives was in complete disarray with tens of thousands of tombstones broken into pieces to be used as building materials and large areas of the cemetery leveled to provide a short-cut to a new hotel. Hundreds of Torah scrolls and thousands of holy books had been plundered and burned to ashes..."

But the Arabs not only destroyed tombstones at Mount of Olives and synagogues in Jerusalem, they also destroyed Jewish archaeological remains in Temple Mount.

This is an excerpt from Mark Twain's "The Innocents Abroad" describing his visit to the Mosque of Omar and the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in 1867: "Everywhere about the Mosque of Omar are portions of pillars, curiously wrought altars, and fragments of elegantly carved marble - the precious remains of Solomon's Temple...see the costly marbles that once adorned the inner Temple...the designs wrought upon these fragments are all quaint and meets with these venerable scraps at every turn, specially in the neighboring mosque Al Aqsa, into whose inner walls a very large number of them are carefully built for preservation."

"These pieces of stone, stained and dusty with age, dimly hint at a grandeur we have all been taught to regard as the princeliest ever seen on earth; and they call up pictures of a pageant that is familiar to all imaginations - camels laden with spices and treasure - beautiful slaves, presents for Solomon's harem - a long cavalcade of richly caparisoned beasts and warriors - and Sheba's Queen in the van of this prison of Oriental Magnificence. These elegant fragments bear a richer interest than the solemn vastness of the stones the Jews kiss in the place of wailing can ever have for the heedless sinner."

"Down in the hollow ground, underneath the olives and oranges trees that flourish in the court of the great mosque , is a wilderness of pillars - remains of the ancient Temple, they supported it. There are ponderous archways down there...we never dreamed we might see portions of the actual Temple of Solomon..."  

If Mark Twain saw this archaeological remains in 1867. where are they now? The Jewish Temple was not only destroyed by the Romans 2000 years ago, it continues tp be destroyed by the Arabs today. If the Palestinian Arabs assume responsibility over the site they will have freedom to destroy much more.

Journalist Ilan Ben Zion reported in December 2012: "The Muslim authority managing the Temple Mount on Sunday dumped tons of unexamined earth and stones excavated from the holy site into a municipal dump, in violation of a High Court injunction, Maariv (Hebrew Daily, ed.) reported on Monday." Israel's top court in September 2004 prohibited removal of earth from the Temple Mount and ruled that, should it be necessary [to do so], the Antiquities Authority must be notified a month in advance so it may examine the earth for artifacts."

"Jews regard the Temple Mount as their holiest site, where the First and Second Temple were located. Muslims call it the Noble Sanctuary and regard it as their third holiest site after Mecca and Medina. According to the existing arrangement, the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, or trust, administers the Temple Mount complex. Despite the High Court of Justice's ruling, the Waqf has reportedly removed large piles of dirt from the Temple Mount in recent years and dumped them in the valley east of the Old City walls, provoking an outcry from biblical archaeologists and Jewish groups.

"Tzachi Dvira, the archaeologist managing the team that sifts through soil excavated from the Temple Mount, told Maariv that mounds of earth containing historic relics were carted off and dumped on Sunday without notification and before archaeologists could investigate them... Soil from the Temple Mount that had been removed by the Waqf to the Kidron Valley in recent years has yielded "tens of thousands of finds, including signet rings from the First Temple era, painted floor tiles from the Second Temple era, ancient gold coins, and horseshoe nails and arrowheads belonging to the Knights Templar, who stabled their horses in Solomon's Stables," Dvira said.

Suzanne Singer, a contributing editor to the Biblical Archeological Review reported in September 2000 "Large-scale illegal construction on the Temple Mount and wholesale dumping of earth in the nearby Kidron Valley resumed this spring…" 

"… The Temple Mount is, of course, sacred to three great Western faiths and is part of the world's cultural patrimony. Here may lie remnants from the time of the First Temple of Solomon, the Second Temple built by Herod, the Byzantine period and the early Islamic eras. Israeli excavations around the exterior of the Temple Mount since 1967 have found remains from all these periods, but the Mount itself has been terra incognita, protected by an understanding between Israel and the Waqf that says no construction will take place there… "

"…Last November, we reported that the Waqf, in the dead of night, had dumped hundreds of truckloads of earth from the Temple Mount into the Kidron Valley and municipal garbage dumps. About 6,000 tons of earth were removed …Despite the flagrant disregard by the Waqf of the requirement for IAA supervision, there was no serious response by Israeli authorities. Today the dumped earth is unprotected and is being covered with garbage, making it unlikely that the IAA will ever act on its announced intention to salvage artifacts by sifting through the piles."   

 "…This spring and early summer, trucks and tractors returned to the Temple Mount, bringing building materials in and carting earth away through the Lions' Gate, just north of the Temple Mount. For 200 yards along the inside of the Temple Mount's eastern wall, from the al-Marawani Mosque's new entrance to somewhat south of the Golden Gate, lie stacks of paving stones, scaffolding, wood and iron materials, along with large architectural fragments, such as pieces of ancient columns… "

" …The construction on the Temple Mount is only the latest, albeit perhaps the most egregious, example of the Waqf's disregard for the protection of antiquities. In 1993 Israel's Supreme Court found that the Waqf had violated the country's antiquities laws no less than 35 times, with many of the violations causing the irreversible destruction of archaeological remains."

"…Due to Prime Minister Barak's concern for negotiations with the Palestinians, no effective archaeological oversight is taking place on the Temple Mount. No one halts the work so that potential damage can be assessed and prevented; as a result, heavy equipment is free to move about the Mount for projects that are neither approved nor supervised. The frequently heard view is that a tough stance by Israel will enflame the Palestinians and set back the peace talks…"

While Israel preserves Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock, Arabs have proven that they cannot be trusted to respect Jewish Holy sites.

On December 15, 2017 Nadav Shragai wrote in Israel Hayom  "King Herod's grand Third Palace is being systematically destroyed by the Palestinians, who are stripping its stone and building homes around it. The site is in Area A, meters from Israeli-controlled territory, but the Israeli  government can do nothing...Here is a lesson that teaches us how the Palestinians today treat remnants of the past...It is unclear how much of this beauty remains.

Yaron Rosenthal, director of the Kfar Etzion Field School, who sometimes works with the Palestinian Arabs on environmental preservation projects, finds it difficult to hide his anger. "Israel sees how one of the grandest palaces ever built in the Holy Land is being destroyed, and is standing by helplessly, because under the Oslo Accords the site, which is 30 meters from Area C, was made the responsibility of the Palestinians. It's time for Israel to say, 'No more.' With all due respect to the Oslo Accords, we will not let you destroy important [archaeological] remains linked to the history of the Jewish people in their land, remains that are part of the cultural fabric of this country," Rosenthal says..." 

On Jan 6, 2018 Judith Abramson reported in Jerusalemonline "Hebrew University archaeology doctoral student Haggai Cohen Klonymus described to the Israel News Company (formerly Channel 2 TV) how Palestinian tractors and bulldozers arrived at an archaeological site where the ancient city of Archelaus once stood. The Palestinians completely leveled the compound in order to locate hidden archaeological treasures to sell in the antiquities market.  "Just as ISIS destroyed sites in Iran and Syria that were thousands of years old, the same situation is occurring here," he said. "This is a deliberate and systematic destruction of an archaeological site....It's just a tragedy."

In 2000 the Palestinians destroyed Joseph's tomb. Sidney Brounstein wrote for the Los Angeles Times "Oct. 8:  Where is the outrage? Imagine what would have happened if Jewish police stood by and allowed a Jewish mob to destroy a Muslim holy place!  Does the destruction of a Jewish holy place by an Arab mob while Palestinian police stand by (after promising to protect it) deserve no more than inclusion in a list of other damage done by rioters? Is this an acceptance of attacks on Jews and things Jewish as a normal part of life?" "It makes a mockery of any thought of giving Arabs any control of Jewish holy places. The destruction of dozens of such places in the Old City of Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, along with the exclusion of Jews entirely from their most holy site, the Western Wall, was clearly of a piece with the current destruction." 


Ezequiel Doiny is author of "Obama's assault on Jerusalem's Western Wall"

The newest illegal Israeli settlement


Israel's moon launch is epic and otherworldy, but so is the world's obsession with Israel.

Rabbi Michoel Green, 24/02/19 23:27 | updated: 23:17 Share
Rabbi Michoel Green Michoel Green is a native of California ordained in NY and has over 25 years experience in Jewish outreach and education. Author of several books, he currently directs the Chabad Center of Westborough, MA. More from the author ►


Is it just me, or is anyone else waiting for the UN to condemn Israel for illegally occupying outer space?

Even worse, they're planning illegal settlement expansion there - on the moon! 

The Zionist regime is insolently guilty of spreading its racist message throughout the solar system!

(The expression "Am Yisrael chai" is egregiously racist, of couse, because it implies all others are dead. And since when does "Yisrael" have the right to live, let alone exist?)

And why weren't any Palestinians on board? Ethnic cleansing!!
Moreover, their spacecraft is guilty of Apartheid, since they only included a Jewish Bible, while the Koran and other holy books were excluded. What bigotry!

And why weren't any Palestinians on board? Ethnic cleansing!!

And how dare they call it "B'resheet" ("In the beginning"), a Hebrew word and the name of the first book of the Bible which implies Jewish primacy or historical precedence? Everyone knows that "in the beginning," there were only Palestinian Arabs! Jews are just colonizers, just like they're attempting to colonize the moon!

Where is UNESCO to protest this travesty?

What do those Jews think they're doing up there, anyway?

Israel might be the fourth nation to land on the moon, but they're the first one-and-only nation to unlawfully occupy Space Palestine in brazen violation of international law!

I'm just waiting for all the Helen Thomas's of the world to tell those Jewish space settlers to "get the hell out of space and go back to Poland."

Surely we'll hear from Farrakhan telling those "Jewish devils" to get the hell out of the heavens and back to hell where they belong. Good heavens!

This is all part of a devious Jewish conspiracy to dominate the Milky Way.

Yup, it's all about those spacetraveling Benjamins, baby.

And since when is Israel allowed to have spaceships while Arabs have none? They're making a mockery of Islam.

And how dare they attempt to land on the moon? The moon belongs to Islam! Let's not forget the "Muslim Crescent!" Those moon-landing Jews are guilty of shameless cultural appropriation! 

Israel is just trying to gain sympathy from space enthusiasts... they're guilty of spacewashing!

There they go again, trying to hypnotize the world. And now they're trying to hypnotize the moon too!

Surely all lunar-conscious progressives ought to step up their BDS efforts to protest this deplorable lunar Apartheid.

Speaking of lunar, isn't this lunacy all too familiar?

Sure sounds like looney lunar  tunes to me, but the scary thing is, earthlings are buying it! Yikes.

All jokes aside, I'll just conclude with a moon-related blessing:

כשם שאני רוקד כנגדך ואיני יכול לנגוע בך, כך לא יוכלו כל אויבי לנגוע בי לרעה.

"Just as I leap toward you (Moon) yet cannot touch you, so too may all our enemies and their rhetoric be unable to touch us harmfully."

סימן טוב ומזל טוב יהא לנו ולכל ישראל

Mazal tov to Israel for this epic and heavenly achievement!

When Rabbi Kahane Almost Rose To PowerWritten by Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY"D


This was written by Rabbi Kahane about himself and the Kach Party when he was barred from running for the Knesset in 1988


Looking back on the events since Kach was elected to the Knesset in 1984, one is overwhelmed by the sheer hate and trampling of basic rights.  One is stunned by the bile-the defamation, the lies, the twisted faces and facts.  And, of course, all from people who pride themselves on their culture, fair play democratic tolerance and intellectual ability to discuss any and all issues scientifically, calmly, rationally.  Their hatred was a poisonous, noxious thing.  Their totalitarianism was mind-bogging.


Israel government television and radio ruled that Meir Kahane, a Knesset member whom they utterly opposed, be therefore, not permitted to have his press conferences covered.  Yellow journalism and blatant, deliberate lies abounded, all within intent to smear and defame.


The Ministry of Education rules that Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, not be allowed to address students, though Arabs and Communists spoke freely in the public high schools of the state.  A similar policy was announced by the universities of Israel, where pro-PLO students, and speakers came and went freely but not an elected member of the Knesset.  The high schools introduced a compulsory course on "Kahanism," which not only was filled with falsehoods, fraud and bile, but was a blatant political brainwashing course that smacked of the totalitarian systems of fascism and communism.


The armed forces, whose neutrality and non-political status must be assured in order to unify rather than drive yet another wedge in the fabric of the people, originated a campaign of hate and defamation against Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, forcing soldiers to attend lectures by leftists that dripped hatred and poi-sonous venom.  The official army radio devoted an entire day to a non-stop attack on Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, including the damming of his "crime-seeking to have Jewish law obeyed in the Jewish State.


The Knesset rules were changed more in the space of a year than in the previous 36 of the State, all in order to limit, as much as possible, Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, from

exercising his right to speak and to propose legislation.


The Knesset Speaker took upon himself the right to ban any proposed bill that he considered to be "racist." He was the one who decided what was "racist" and was responsible to no one to explain on what basis he had so decided or who gave anyone a right to decide what a democratically elected Knesset member could propose or not.  It was no surprise therefore, that when  I presented a bill that (Unknown to the speaker) quoted the great Jewish codifier Maimonides, words for word, he banned that, too, on the grounds of "racism." 


Knesset members walked out as Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, rose to speak, thus justifying the walkout by Arabs, Communists, and Third World States on Israeli speakers in the U.N. whom they consider to be racists because they are Zionists.


The Parliamentary right of Meir Kahane, a Knesset member, to travel freely throughout the country was limited by a Knesset vote, the first time this every happened. My right to send mail from the Knesset free of postage was stripped away-another first.


The President of Israel welcomed in his residence Communists and pro-PLO Arab MKs and refused to do the same for Meir Kahane, a Jewish Zionist Knesset member.  A Prime Minster of Israel said that he does not consider Knesset member Meir Kahane to be part of the Jewish people, thus opening the doors to a host of religious Jews to offer similar exist visas to other Jews.


There was more-more "democracy."


Blue-shirted uniformed leftist youths, members of political youth movements, faces twisted in unbelievable ugliness, mouths cursing, arms making obscene gestures even as they threw eggs, and rocks at other Jews who backed Kach, showed up in every city.


A week of incitement by Knesset members and the Israel Army station called on Jews to come to the city of Givatayim to physically prevent a legal rally of Kach.  The Mayor of Givatayim had declared earlier: "Kill them while they are small." And they came by the thousands, mostly members of the kibbutzim, the leftist communal settlements, Hundreds of buses, thousands of people.  They came armed.  Armed with a hatred that captured their faces, a hatred that one could touch!  Worse-smell!  And they came with rocks and with metal bars.  They came in their humanism and their hatred of violence – to hate and to smash.


As my car drove towards the platform it was surrounded by hundreds of them, cursing, shouting, pounding on the windows, attempting to turn the car over.  And then a huge rock smashed the front windshield as the crowd went wild with anticipation.  It was only the frantic intervention of the police and Border Patrol that saved four Jews from being lynched by the apostles of tolerance and coexistence


And the next day the newspaper Al Ha'mishmar organ of the Mapan Marxist Party carried a gloating article under the heading; "How sweet to see a violent Left." And it added: "It was a sight to gladden the soul to see the leaders of Hashomer Ha'tzair and Hanoar Ha'oved [two leftist youth groups] and just ordinary citizens, upholders of law and order, angrily throwing eggs and stones and brandishing clubs."


The question must be asked concerning this psychopathic behavior of both Israeli and American Jews:  Why?  What is it that so obsesses and drives the Jewish leaders in  unprecedented hatred and passionate spleen?  What is this hatred and rear?


For clearly that is what is at the bottom of this irrational venom.  Fear. Fear of what Kach says.  Fear of the ideas that threaten the very intellectual stability and faculty of Jews who have persuaded themselves that Judaism and foreign, gentilized concepts to which they, daily pay homage, are one and the same.  And then along comes Kach, and cries: No, the Jewish Emperors are naked. No, there is a basic, immutable contradiction between Judaism and some of the most sacred, western values-western democracy, political equality, integration, freedom of choice.  No more painful nerve could be touched; not greater intellectual torture brought tub ear.  Kach is a thing more dangerous to the gentilized Jewish leaders than any Arab group, than any militant anti-Jewish one. For Kach has effectively declared war on the falsehood and fraud that are the very basis of the stability of souls of the intellectually assimilated Jewish Establish leaders.   That is the deepest psychological reason why they have declared war on Kach, and why they will stop at nothing, no viciousness and low blows, to destroy it.


But there is much more fundamental, animal crudity that lies at the immediate, practical level of the decision and determination to eliminate Kach and that is the obsession and lust to cleave unto power. Power.


It is this that led to the climax of the abomination-the outrageous decision by the Knesset of Israel-endorsed by its Supreme Court-to simply ban Kach from running for election. Of course, this was due to the real fear of the Jewish Establishment in Israel of Kach's growing strength, particularly with the youth-a whole generation of new votes-and the Sephardic Jews who constitute a majority of Israeli Jews.  Private polls showed Kach with up to 10-12 seats, a thing that sent fear down the spines of the political mafia that has ruin Israel in one form or another since its inception.


The headline over the weekly poll results of the newspaper Hadashot read: "And who received 13.6% in Ramat Gan?"  Followers of the weekly results could have guessed the answer from the clearly despondent tone of the headline.  The answer was, of course, that Kach Movement and the newspaper began its commentary with "Kach is third in Ramat Gan too."


It is only the latest in series of terrifying (for the Left and right) polls taken since June 24th by the leftist newspaper that decided to gauge voters preferences differently from all the others.  The accepted way has always been to conduct classic polls by asking people for whom they intended to vote.  Both the fact that these polls have proven badly wrong in the last three lections (1977, 1982, 1984) as well as the clear feeling that these polls that were showing the Left and Right evenly matched, simply did not coincide with the obvious temper of the people-hawkish-led the editors to poll the electorate in a different way.  They decided to place each week, in a different city actual ballot boxes and have people really "vote."  For Kach, the traditional polls had always been seen as a joke, as they persisted in giving the controversial group three seats (sic), at the most, a thing that anyone who ever attended as little as two Kach's nightly rallies (over the last four years) could easily see was ludicrous.


The Hadashot people sensed that, too, and correctly understood that people who intended to vote Kach were not prepared to admit it to some strange poll-taker.  Thus, the decision to have a ballot box where people could privately give vent to their real intentions.


And so, there began the polls that can only be described as "terrifying" for the parties of both left and right.  Two-and-a-half months of polls showed the Kach Movement to be the solid third largest party among the voters, and this fact made the drive to ban Kahane and Kach more hysterical than ever before.


It began back on June 24th when Hadashot published two weeks of voting in three places in Tel Aviv.  This is how the paper began its commentary then: "The public's taste what was most emphasized in the last two weeks was for Kach and Kahane.  Wherever you went and with any ballot box that was placed, he competes for the fourth spot, and going up."  What stunned the leftist paper was the fact that two of the Tel Aviv areas where the ballot boxes had been placed were areas of left-liberal Israelis, The Fair Grounds and Dizengoff Center.


Despite this, Kach received 6.1% in the former (almost 5 seats) and 5.7% (seven seats) in Dizengoff Center, one of the last places one in Israel would dream of such support for Kahane.  The third ballot area may have said more than any other, however.  The paper had placed its box at the Yad Eliyahu area where soldiers waited to be taken to their bases.  There, Kach received a stunning 19.1% of the vote, just 1.1% behind the leader, Likud!


The next week only added to the consternation as the ballot box in the central bus station Netanya gave Kach 10.8% (nearly 13 seats) and placed them third, behind Likud and Labor.  The stunned paper wrote that if the Arabs attacks did not stop, "Kach and Kahane will put a division into the Knesset." But the Kach band played on.


On July 22nd results came fromt wo cities, bat Yam and the Labor stronghold, Holon.  In Bat Yam, Kach again came in third, with 10.3% of the vote and in Holon, where organized leftist have always attempted to break up Kach rallies, the party received what we believed to be an even more astounding 6.7%.  Said the Hadashot writer: "The difference between the results of the poll of Hanoch Smith (a traditional pollster, who now does his polling for Labor) and that of Hadashot worries me not a little.  The official Labor pollster claims that Kach will only get two seats.


Perhaps because of the summer hat as well as that of the terror of the ballot box, Hadashot set up shop the next week at the shore of the Sea of Galilee.  But nothing changed – Kach this time received 8.6% and one could tell from the tone of the articles that accompanied the voting that a sense of hopelessness was setting in.


On August 5th, the results of voting in Haifa, the once Labor-Left stronghold, were announced, under the headline:  "They once called her, Haifa the Red City.'  Kach was, again, in third place, with 8.8% of the vote and a summary of all the voting until then showed Kach in third place, averaging just under ten percent (9.7%) of the vote or close to twelve seats. The paper could not help a bitter comment concerning the Supreme Court that allowed Kach to run in 1984 and the 119 other Knesset members for allowing "the worm (Kahane) to multiply before their eyes."


The next week, the "worm" had turned even more, and a helpless newspaper could only report that in the center of Beersheba, Kach had come in its usual third, this time with 1.9% or about 14 seats.


And then it was the turn of the bourgeois, stable Ramat Gan and the headline: "And who received 13.6% in Ramat Gan?"  The truth is that the Ramat Gan results so astounded the newspaper that it immediately ran a "control" ballot.  Without previous notice, ti set up a quick second ballot in the same central square.  Nothing changed Kahane was again third.


One more week remained before the newspaper threw up its hands and discontinued the voting.  In a last frantic effort to show up Kach weakness, the paper now set up its ballot box in the bastion of the leftist strength, Givatayim.  Givatayim had become a symbol of militant, violent efforts to stop Kahane and Kach.  In September, 1985, thousands of leftists, including members of kibbutzim bused in from all over the country had violently attempted to break up a legal Kach rally.


This was the town that Hadashot was counting upon to show that there were large parts of Israel that totally rejected Kach.  And this was the town which, in the Hadashot balloting, give this "arch racist" no less than 4.2% (six seats), a result far more shocking for the Left than anything in development towns and slum neighborhoods, which are accepted as Kahane fortresses.  And so, the pathetic headline in Hadashot: "GIVATAYIM ALSO ABSORED HIM."


Hadashot now published its final, overall results: In first place, Likud with 34.4%.  In second place Labor with 24.6%.  And in third place, Kach, with  little more than 12 seats.


And a bit of Hadashot commentary went along with the results: "Kahane lies deep in every part of the country."  He is the only one of all smaller parties who retains a stable and strong nucleus in every area of population.  In 12 different ballots, over two and a half months of polling, Kahane does not drop below five percent of the voters, no matter where you put the ballot box."  Ten weeks of actual ballot "voting."


Ten weeks showed Kach in third place, with 12 seats.  That is why those who parrot "democ-racy" and who pay obeisance to it, worshipping at its armpit whenever the issue is the right of the Arabs to vote have-without a second thought-announced their intention to trample on de-mocracy and to ban a Kach Movement that had powerful support among the electorate.  That is why the parties of "democracy" decided to disenfranchise over 200,000 voters.  That is the reason for the sheer panic and terror that gripped the Israeli political Establishment, from Left to Right-and, most particularly, Right.   


The headline in the August 23, 1988 edition of the Israeli newspaper Hadashot read: "PERES AND SHAMIR WILL WORK TOGETEHR TO BAN KAANE'S LIST."


Nothing could more clearly and openly illustrate the joint effort by Right and Left to kill, at all costs, the phenomenon that was the Kach movement.


In all the years that preceded that headline and in the weeks to follow, the reason given would be Kahane's "racism" and denial of "democracy."  More cynical and realistic observers, however, pointed to the main story in Hadashot that appeared the previous day.


In it, a stunned Likud was reported to have commissioned a secret poll that showed Kahane's Kach Movement receiving up to seven seats in the upcoming election.  And the Jerusalem weekly Meurav Yerusalmi (August 26) reported on a similar secret Labor Party poll that showed Kahane with eight seats.  All this confirmed the stunning series of weekly ballot-box moc-voting results by Hadashot.


The results of all these polls were at such odds with the "official" polls that persisted in showing Kahane's party gaining at most up to three or four seats, that reporters rushed to Kach rallies to ascertain what was happening there.  The news media, until then, had simply boycotted Kach.


What they saw confirmed their worst fears.  Not only were the crowds large, but also wildly enthusiastic, far different from the programmed and orchestrated ones that appeared at Likud and Labor rallies.  Worse, from the points of view of both the hostile news media and the rival parties, it was made up of a disproportionate number of young people, including many teenagers who would vote for the first time or perhaps not yet in the 1988 election, but whose rabid and fervent shouts of KA-HA-NA! And Kahana la'shilton ("Kahane to power") mad it clear that an entire generation of new, young voters had made Meir Kahane what Menachem Begin had been for their parents, predominantly from the majority Sephardic communities, who had brought Begin to power. 


Suddenly, it began to dawn on the political parties and news media-who had joined together to ban Kahane-that all their efforts of the past four years had gone for naught.


Kach had worked tirelessly for four years, while the other parties had sat back enjoying the perks of power. Almost nightly Kach rallies had been held-two a night-in every part in Israel.  There was not a town or village in which I had not appeared at least twice-places in which not one Knesset member had ever shown himself in 40 years.  There was not one city in which I had not appeared eight to ten times, in city centers and poor neighborhoods.


Kach's clear message of what to do with the aRabs, and even more, what had been done to the Sephardic Jews by the majority leftist Ashkenazi parties, had received a wildly enthusiastic reception.  Now the parities faced the fruits of our efforts and their own contempt for Kach.


And so, the editorial in Israel's largest newspaper, Yediyot Acharonot *August 24) read:

"It is amazing but true, Shamir and Peres agree on one thing: the need to remove the Kach Movement from running for the Knesset.  Now there remains only to see which will take the initiative in order to make this good and correct intention an actuality."


Israel democracy was in high hear.


Essentially, the strategy of the ban was based upon implementation of two laws that were passed by the Knesset following the unsuccessful attempt to ban Kach in the 1984 elections for Knesset.  At that time, the Knesset central elections Committee had indeed voted to ban Kahane's movement, but the High court ruled that since no law empowered the committee to do such a thing, Kach could not be barred.  But already at that point, the Court all but told the Knesset that the passage of such a law would indeed find the justices of Israel prepared to affirm the ban.  With hindsight, of course, it appears that a primary reason for the court's leniency vis-à-vis Kach in 1984, stemmed from the fact that no one believed it would even receive one seat, let along evolve into a power that could hold.


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