Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The primary relationship in life is with your spouse and Moses! Turn right at the big tree

If you're married, your primary relationship in life is with your spouse. And of course, the strength of that relationship will go a long way to determine your happiness in life.

One person who had  problems with his marriage considered divorce.  But he wanted his marriage  to work and decided to try what he called "the 100% commitment experiment," (not 99%, but 100%). He said in doing so, something magical happened. He began to look for the positives and began to enjoy his wife more each day. She naturally responded by being much nicer to him. He said it began an amazing transformation; and today, after 36 years of marriage, they've never been happier.

As he discovered, there is a remarkable difference between a commitment of 99% and 100%. At 100%, you are seeing your problems all the way through to their solutions. At 99% we can still find a way to take the path of least resistance...and usually do.
And guess what? "The 100% commitment experiment" not only works for also works for life.

 So many times, it's not what you say, but how you say it that turns the switch from "off" to "on." There is a remarkable difference between a commitment of 99% versus 100%. The light bulb went on!

I personally learned this lesson when I studied with Rabbi Zelig Pliskin. If one believes that G-d does does not make mistakes, then the situation that is in front of you is to teach you a lesson. One G-d gives you a mate, your job is to make her happy. A happy wife is a happy life.

Love Yehuda


Subject: Moses! Turn right at the big tree


which way to Canaan?

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