Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Dr. Yehuda Lave

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Loving-kindness and Truth my specialty

Internationally Known Speaker and Lecturer and Author. Self Help through Torah and Psychology. Classes in controlling anger and finding Joy. Now living and working in San Diego after returning from Israel.


Available for individual, family, business, success, joy and personal counseling by appointment. If you are being held back in your life by your own limitations isn't it time to become the you that you are capable of being? Remember, it only takes a moment to change your life. Learn to have all the joy in your life that you deserve!!!


January 1996 to 2001

Teaching and studying and writing in Israel. Torah is the name of the game in Israel, with 3,500 years of mystics and scholars interpreting G-d's word. There are great masters here to interpret Spirituality.

1979 to 1996

Ran a successful holistic counseling and business practice in California and Canada. Dealt with family, business and holistic issues. Had a business and psychology column in several newspapers on a weekly basis. Gave talks and lectures throughout the Western United States.


Lived and Studied with spiritual masters in California, regarded mediation and rebirthing. Among teachers were Lenord Orr and Tim Heath.

Grandson of Orthodox Rabbi on Father's side and Holocaust survivor on

Self help through Torah & Psychology

Recently Rabbi Pliskin and I completed a series on Controlling your Anger and finding more Joy in your life. Several people asked for follow-up as to what they could do in their lives for improvement. This follow-up to how to improve your life.

Everyone wants a more peaceful and successful life. The question is what to do? Where do we turn for answers when we have no heroes to turn to do, no leaders that we want to emulate?

In times like these, we must return to our basics to center out lives. When we feel there is no purpose to our lives, we our in a crisis. Dr. Harold Bloomfield, a psychoanalyst in California, put forth the proposition that when we are in a personal crisis, underneath it is always a spiritual crisis. The same concerns that we used to be able to live with our now a crisis, because we have lost faith in G-d.

This is no small matter. What makes humans unique as a species is the fact that we can contemplate our own mortality. Animals don't worry about their short time on this earth, because they don't have the intellectual ability to worry about it. We do. And because we do, at times it causes a crisis in our ability to be functional human beings. The knowledge that we have a limited time to complete our jobs here on the planet can either motivate us our turn us into non-functional beings that are incapable of getting anything done. We must motivate ourselves constantly to appreciate the things we have or we soon turn into callous selfish human beings. And time is the most precious thing of all. A child doesn't feel it yet, but with each ache and wrinkle that calls us to the grave, we start to recognize our limitations. Without a purpose for our lives, we see no hope no meaning.

For thousands of years the Jewish People have seen their mission as G-d's first born nation as that hope and function. The fact that you have chosen to live or visit in Israel is one manifestation of that hope. The Jewish people have survived constant torture and death in their long history, with their faith being the germane reason for their existence. That faith that sustained us in our long march through history can nurture us to today in what is seemingly a G-d less world. It is a principal of psychology that what we see is what we get. If we see a G-d less world, we live in one. If we see a G-d that is loving and nurturing we live in one. One of my friends made a play on my name of Lave (heart in English), and called me Dr. Love. If Love is all we need in this world than I will gladly be Dr. Love to bring this knowledge to the world.

This is why today there is such hope for the interplay between Torah and Psychology. People are cognizant of the fact that the brain has been studied enough to be able to accept that a psychologist can help them sort out their problems. If a person accepts the Torah as being divine, obviously as the Ramban said, G-d is the world's greatest psychologist, because he invented the brain and knows how it works. It is only today, however, that we are just beginning to use our psychological science to appreciate how great G-d's wisdom is.

With that new appreciation, we can start to practically apply Torah ideas as the basis for our lives. When it asks in the Mishna as to who is a wise man, and answers as to one who can see the outcome of his or her actions, we can practically apply this to our lives. When we abuse our bodies, we suffer. When we yell at our children, they learn to disrespect us. When we our not in appreciation of all of G-d's gifts, we sometimes loose them. Studying the affects of our outcomes, can lead us to new and improved wisdom.

The purpose of study is learn how to make a more successful life. Those of who spend many hours of our day learning, most realize without application, learning is simply unrealized potential.


Cordially yours,

 Yehuda Lave