Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AMAZING photos for the New Year! and Renew Your appreciation for Life!!

Renew Your Appreciation

Make it a daily practice to view the world as if you were created today. Mentally picture yourself coming into the world for the first time, and observe everything with a freshness. This exercise can transform the mundane into a thrilling experience.

Thia is why people who accept the idea of a creator pray daily.  If it is true that we exist because we here because somebody thought about us and wanted us to be here,

rather than an accident of nature, isn't it just common decency to say thank you? It is also why spiritual people are happier than those that believe they are here by accident.

After all, which child is happier? The one who is told by his/her parents that he was a planned, treasured, and wanted addition to the family or the child who is told he was an accident of sex?

Love Yehuda

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