Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Sea Crossing w/Actual Pictures and the fast of Esther as part of the fun holiday of Purim on St. Pats day 3/17/11

Try As Much As Possible

Rabbi Yisroel Salanter used to say, "There is no greater illness than discouragement." At times a person may take note of all his faults and failures and give up hope of improving.

But when it comes to monetary wealth, a person tries to gather as much money as possible even if he will not become wealthy. Someone suffering physical pain also tries to alleviate some of the pain even if he is unable to bring about a complete cure.

Therefore Rabbi Salanter said our attitude towards refraining from evil and performing good deeds should be the same. Even if someone will be far from perfect, he should at least try to do as many good deeds as possible and refrain from violating as many prohibitions as he can.

Love Yehuda

NO drinking on St. Paddys day this year (2011)
Thursday, March 17
, 2011
Fast Begins at 5:43 AM
Fast Ends at 7:22 PM

Because Adar 13 (the day before Purim) falls on a Shabbat this year, the "Fast of Esther," usually observed on that date, is moved back to today.

The fast -- which is observed today by all adults (i.e., over bar or bat mitzvah age) -- is in commemoration of the three-day fast called at Esther's behest before she risked her life to appear unsummoned before King Achashveirosh to save the Jewish people from Haman's evil decree The fast also commemorates Esther's fasting on the 13th of Adar, as the Jews fought their enemies. Pregnant of nursing woman or people in ill health are exempted from fasting.


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