Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Horse Whisperer - Unbelievable! and Patience is Lean-able

  Patience is Learn-able

Patience is a learn-able skill. Even those who have been impatient their entire lives can learn to become more patient. Your present resolve and determination will transform you.

Every thing that happens to us in life has a learning lesson in life...We just don't always know when the incident happens is a blessing or a curse.

I am married to a zaducuss (holy woman) who can find the high side of even the most negative experiences.  I can preach but can not always practice what I preach..She on the

other hand practices more and preaches less. This morning I am taking her to the airport to Israel, for her to perform some more kindness for her children. She will be separated from me for four months.She is a true mother

practicing selflessness when her children need her.She is not perfect, she has like all human beings her strengths and weaknesses. However, her eye is always on the ball, balancing how she can live independently from her children, but being there when they need her.

My patience gets tried, when she tries to practice her love, by being over the top with allowing all our lives to be interrupted by her Children's  unacceptable (by most people's standards) abnormal behavior

So it was no accident that my motivation piece this morning I choose, and the enclosed video about the horse Whisperer expresses aspects of Patience...May you all be blessed with the ability to learn patience, and not have the curse with suffering that goes along with it.

Love Yehuda



The RedMan said it.

 Horse Whisperer    -     Unbelievable!


This girl riding the horse is in her 20's - her dad just died 24 days before this performance. You can hear her dedication to him just before her performance so turn up your  speakers a bit. Notice that it is just her and the horse - no bit,no saddle. She just uses signals and verbal cues, she's mute. Oh yeah, this isn't even her horse. She is training it for someone else, although she obviously has a relationship with this one. I don't know how much you know about horseback riding, but when they go fast, her bum isn't even bouncing off the horse like you will see with most people. Don't know how she did that.









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